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Suit over Yahoo's unsolicited text messages headed to California Supreme Court

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 18, 2019

Tech giant Yahoo's case against an insurer refusing to cover as personal injury the alleged privacy violations brought about by Yahoo's unsolicited text messages is headed to the California Supreme Court.

Court affirms in part, reverses in part Freedom of Information Act case against US Fish and Wildlife Service

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 1, 2019

An environmental organization seeking public records regarding proposed rules for cooling water intake structures has suffered a loss in court.

Appeals court rejects false-advertising summary judgment in favor of nutritional supplement sellers

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 1, 2019

A California customer who sued the seller of a nutritional supplement claiming it falsely advertised the product has obtained a victory in court.

Appeals court affirms denial of class certification in civil rights case against Sonoma County, City of Santa Rosa

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 31, 2018

Two out-of-state drivers who had their vehicles impounded for over 30 days in alleged violation of the Fourth Amendment have suffered a loss in court.

Appeals court affirms dismissal of anticompetition conspiracy suit against Walt Disney Co.

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 31, 2018

Shareholders of the Walt Disney Company concerned about agreements being made by the board of directors have suffered a loss in court.

Court denies rehearing to school district on religious exercise case

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 30, 2018

A school district with religious practices in its policies—which were upheld by a district court—has obtained a victory in appeals.

Court grants motion to amend complaint against Whole Foods Market in suit over 'hypoallergenic' labeling

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 28, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A consumer who alleged Whole Foods Market mislabeled some of its private-brand household and body care products as hypoallergenic has been granted leave to file an amended complaint.

Court orders for final distribution plan in case between SEC, Felix Investments

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 28, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A plan crafted both by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission and an investment company has received an order for a final agreement.

Insurance company obtains stay on fatal workplace car accident case

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 27, 2018

An insurance company suing an agriculture company that claimed it was not covered at the time of an accident has obtained a stay in court.

Court grants summary judgment, stay in case against Iran's involvement in terrorist attacks

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 27, 2018

Four creditors seeking to recover assets from Iran over injuries suffered during terrorist attacks have obtained a favorable decision in court.

Court says it lacks jurisdiction in casino licensing case

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 27, 2018

A gaming management company alleging that a Native American tribe breached a contract while developing a new casino in Fresno has suffered a loss in court.

Federal court grants Turn's motion to dismiss zombie cookie case

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 27, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by two New York men who purchased cellphones and claimed that a Verizon partner violated their privacy by showing ads based on browsing.

Court awards over $7 million in damages on violations against securities, consumer protection laws

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 26, 2018

LOS ANGELES -- An investor who attempted to invest in a real estate development in Russia and had losses due to wrongful action, has been awarded damages in court.

Homeowner balks at new Oakland renter protections

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 10, 2018

A recent Oakland law is making it difficult for homeowners to move back to their properties without reimbursing their tenants for no-fault eviction.

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California court dismisses suit against Warner Bros. involving home video royalties

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 28, 2018

LOS ANGELES (Legal Newsline) – Entertainment giant Warner Bros. has obtained a victory in court as its request for dismissal of a class action lawsuit was granted.

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Court reverses attorney's fees on defamation case involving Sandy Hook Justice founder

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 28, 2018

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – A California appellate court ruled that a lower court erred in setting the amount of attorneys' fees in a suit involving a Florida-based school safety consultant who allegedly was defamed on social media after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Court reverses decision on asbestos case

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 24, 2018

A real estate developer that allegedly provided asbestos-laden pipes to a worker who later developed mesothelioma obtained a victory in court.

Charter Communications loses appeal over allegedly racially motivated denial of contract

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 23, 2018

Cable giant Charter Communications failed to have dismissed a lawsuit claiming the company declined to carry a channel due to African American proprietorship.

Appeals Court sides with City of Los Angeles in lawsuit against changing district boundaries

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 23, 2018

A summary judgment striking down a lawsuit protesting the redefining of Los Angeles council districts before the 2012 elections was upheld at a federal court.

'Honey Badger' creator wins appeal on trademark case; rehearing granted

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 23, 2018

A YouTuber famous for the use of the expression "honey badger" in his videos won an appeal in a trademark case, overturning a previous summary judgment against his lawsuit suing greeting cards companies.

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