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Consumer accused CarMax Auto Superstores of California of fraud in sale

LOS ANGELES – An Oceanside consumer alleges a dealer did not disclose that a car she purchased had previously been involved in an accident.

Roseville lawyer accused of conversion by other lawyers

SACRAMENTO – Two attorneys allege they were not paid for their work in a legal matter.

Kasem Cares seeks raw footage of documentary from Rose Street Productions

LOS ANGELES – A nonprofit organization headed by the daughter of radio icon Casey Kasem alleges that a production company hired to create a documentary breached its agreement.

Heinz employee alleges FMC Corp. machine was defective, caused amputation of arms

SACRAMENTO – A Stanislaus County couple alleges the husband's arms were amputated while he was cleaning a defective machine as part of his job duties.

Yahoo user files class action over data breach, alleges she was victim of identity theft

SAN FRANCISCO – A Yahoo user alleges she was the victim of identity theft after a 2014 data breach.

Soniya Valley LLC alleged to sell counterfeit RooR pipes

SACRAMENTO – The exclusive licensee of a brand of smoker's pipes alleges a Roseville store is selling counterfeit versions of its products.

Woman alleges she is owed more than $26,000 for disability benefits

SACRAMENTO – A former First Bank Inc. employee alleges she was wrongfully denied disability benefits.

Modesto man accused of using infringing copy of Live Face on Web software

SACRAMENTO – A Pennsylvania software developer alleges a Modesto individual is using its product without permission.

Modcloth alleged to have infringed fabric design for garments

LOS ANGELES – A Pennsylvania-based online retailer is accused of copying a fabric design without authorization.

Euro Space USA alleges contract breach with SP Far East will cost it millions

SAN FRANCISCO – A Union City business alleges it has suffered damages of $2.5 million after the termination of a sales contract.

Texas man alleges CBS Interactive infringed patent with 'Big Brother' show

SAN FRANCISCO – A Texas man alleges his patented technology was used without permission for audience participation in the reality TV show "Big Brother."

UpNest Inc. alleges New Jersey company is using trademark for similar services

SAN FRANCISCO – A Burlingame-based online marketplace for finding real estate agents alleges a New Jersey business is offering similar services under an almost identical name.

Rocken P. Stables accused of negligence after rider injured

LOS ANGELES – A Dallas woman and her guardian allege the woman remains in a grave medical condition because of the negligence of a Glendale riding stable.

Former VMWare employee alleges LINA wrongfully terminated disability benefits

SAN FRANCISCO – A California woman alleges her disability benefits were wrongfully terminated.

Madison Services Inc. claims it is owed more than $1 million for work on federal project

SACRAMENTO – A Mississippi company alleges a Rhode Island company owes it for additional costs it incurred while working on a federal project.

Paramount Petroleum Corp. alleges insurer has not paid legal fees

SACRAMENTO – A Dallas company alleges its insurer has not paid for legal bills resulting from an incident in Bakersfield.

Bakersfield man accused of mishandling trusts

SACRAMENTO – A Washington state man alleges a Bakersfield man mishandled the assets of two trusts.

Charcoal Companion Inc. claims Cave Tools infringed smoker box patent

SAN FRANCISCO – An Emeryville corporation that manufactures barbecue accessory products claims a Pennsylvania business makes products that infringe its patented designs.

Homes for Heroes Inc. alleges Moore & Sons Realty is using mark

SAN DIEGO – A Minnesota corporation alleges a San Diego real estate company is offering similar services under an almost identical name.

Bad Boy, Bad Girl owner alleges UK companies breached license agreement

SAN DIEGO – A Nevada corporation that licenses Bad Boy and Bad Girl products alleges a license agreement between it and several United Kingdom companies was breached.