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Defense expert in J&J trial says plaintiff acquired mesothelioma spontaneously; Lungs did not show scarring

By John Sammon | Feb 27, 2019

ALAMEDA – A witness for the defense, a pulmonologist, said Tuesday that plaintiff Terry Leavitt was one of those unlucky people who developed mesothelioma “spontaneously” for no known reason and not from baby powder made by Johnson & Johnson.

Disease researcher testifies for Johnson & Johnson that talc powder does not cause mesothelioma

By John Sammon | Feb 22, 2019

A pathologist called as a witness by attorneys defending Johnson & Johnson—in a lawsuit accusing the baby powder maker of causing a woman’s mesothelioma—said on Thursday that talc powder does not cause the disease.

Plaintiff in Johnson & Johnson baby powder case tells jury about the ordeal of mesothelioma

By John Sammon | Feb 20, 2019

Terry Leavitt, the woman suing Johnson & Johnson for the baby powder she claims caused her to develop mesothelioma, appeared on the witness stand Wednesday, maintaining a mostly positive demeanor but fighting back tears when talking about the impact of her disease on her family.

Leavitt’s husband recounts hardships in asbestos lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson baby powder

By John Sammon | Feb 19, 2019

The husband of Terry Leavitt testified on Tuesday saying that he and his two teenage children try to live one day at a time watching his wife decline from mesothelioma. Recounting the experience caused Dean McElroy at times to fight back tears.

Defense attorney for J&J debunks separation method in mesothelioma trial

By John Sammon | Feb 15, 2019

ALAMEDA – Attorneys defending Johnson & Johnson in the trial of a woman suing the company for allegedly causing her mesothelioma attempted to blunt criticism J&J failed to use a more comprehensive heavy-liquid testing method for detecting asbestos in baby powder, saying the method was not foolproof.

Doctor for woman at trial against J&J says patient's mesothelioma incurable

By John Sammon | Feb 14, 2019

ALAMEDA – A doctor brought as a witness for plaintiff Terry Leavitt said on Wednesday Leavitt has three months to live without further treatment for the mesothelioma she claims she contracted from Johnson & Johnson baby powder, but perhaps a year or longer if treated with a newly developed immunotherapy.

Into fifth week of J&J talc trial, sides continue to spar over testing of baby powder

By John Sammon | Feb 12, 2019

ALAMEDA – Under questioning by a defense attorney on Monday a witness appearing on behalf of plaintiff Terry Leavitt said documents on test results for asbestos in Johnson & Johnson baby powder had been “fabricated,” information in the early 1970’s left out to make it seem no asbestos had been found.

Researcher says Leavitt used baby powder thousands of times

By John Sammon | Feb 10, 2019

A noted microscopic researcher told a jury on Thursday that plaintiff Terry Leavitt’s mother had used Johnson & Johnson baby powder on her as a child 5,110 times over two years, and that Leavitt continued using the product thousands of additional times as a young girl and adult.

Microscope researcher says four tests found no asbestos in woman’s lung tissues

By John Sammon | Feb 5, 2019

A microscope researcher on Tuesday told defense attorneys for Johnson & Johnson that four tests of the lung tissues of plaintiff Terry Leavitt revealed numerous tiny particles breathed in including glass and talc, but no asbestos.

J&J star witness says company stuck with talc in baby powder because they believed it safe

By John Sammon | Feb 4, 2019

A top corporate spokesman for Johnson & Johnson contended that the company did not abandon talc in baby powder in favor of corn starch because company officials believed talc was safe.

Defense team witness for J&J says talc for baby powder was tested for asbestos 16 hours a day

By John Sammon | Jan 31, 2019

Michael Brown, the attorney for Johnson & Johnson, questioned its corporate representative on Thursday, intending to convince a jury that the company had not hidden from better testing methods and no evidence had been found to suggest baby powder caused plaintiff Terry Leavitt’s mesothelioma.

Plaintiff attorney says J&J avoided warning letter over baby powder asbestos

By John Sammon | Jan 31, 2019

The attorney for plaintiff Terry Leavitt in the trial to determine if baby powder made by Johnson & Johnson gave her the deadly disease mesothelioma on Wednesday sought to portray the company as not wanting to know the unpleasant truth.

Plaintiff lawyers say J&J turned a blind eye to trace asbestos amounts

By John Sammon | Jan 29, 2019

Lawyers for plaintiff Terry Leavitt, during a second day of grilling Johnson & Johnson spokesman John Hopkins, used inter-company documents to try to convince the jury that the company ignored reports of trace amounts of asbestos in its talc baby powder, and declined to switch to safer corn starch.

Star defense witness disputes J&J failed to live up to zero asbestos tolerance policy

By John Sammon | Jan 29, 2019

John Hopkins, a British researcher identified as the top corporate spokesman for Johnson & Johnson even though he has not been with the company in nearly 20 years, on Monday disputed a contention from the attorney for plaintiff Terry Leavitt that the baby-powder maker failed to obey a zero-asbestos tolerance policy.

J&J ignored warnings, sold baby powder anyway, expert witness says

By John Sammon | Jan 24, 2019

A physician-researcher called as a witness for plaintiff Terry Leavitt told a jury on Thursday that Johnson & Johnson ignored warnings its baby powder contained deadly asbestos and decided not to use more thorough testing methods in what amounted to what one critic described as a “defensive protectionism.”

Plaintiff witness in talc trial says asbestos detection methods used earlier weren't sophisticated enough

By John Sammon | Jan 24, 2019

ALAMEDA – Based on the testimony of a microscope researcher on Wednesday, Terry Leavitt may have developed mesothelioma because the limitations of detection methods used in the 1970s and later weren’t full-proof at the time.

Defense attorneys seek to undercut plaintiff expert in Johnson & Johnson baby powder asbestos trial

By John Sammon | Jan 22, 2019

In the third week of trial, attorneys for baby powder maker Johnson & Johnson attempted to undercut the expert testimony of a plaintiff witness by presenting documents from the 1970s saying its powder was free of asbestos.

Plaintiff witness discusses asbestos fibers in ongoing talcum powder trial

By John Sammon | Jan 18, 2019

ALAMEDA – The difference between the asbestos fibers you have in your body and the asbestos fibers Terry Leavitt is alleging caused her to develop mesothelioma are their size a pathologist said on Wednesday, adding that baby powder exposure is so far the lone indicator.

Fifth day at talc trial, sides continue to spar over cause of woman's mesothelioma

By John Sammon | Jan 16, 2019

Add Teaser hereALAMEDA – Two noted researchers called as expert witnesses by the attorney for plaintiff Terry Leavitt said Tuesday samples of Johnson & Johnson baby powder had been found to contain asbestos although defense attorneys countered that one of them seemed a late-comer to deciding talc was dangerous.

Plaintiff expert witness says asbestos in talc powder caused woman’s disease

By John Sammon | Jan 15, 2019

ALAMEDA – An expert witness called by the attorney for plaintiff Terry Leavitt left little doubt that he believed the woman’s exposure to Johnson & Johnson baby powder caused her to contract mesothelioma.

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