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State Bar of California seeks Supreme Court ruling to collect dues

SAN FRANCISCO -- Despite the controversial issues darkening the California State Bar, including concerns about the group's expenses, a Senate bill initially anticipated to resolve such matters was not passed by the state legislature.

Judge says insurer can rescind policy of warehouse owner who claimed robbery

YOSEMITE, CALIFORNIA – A federal magistrate judge in California declared that an insurance company is entitled to rescind an insurance property policy following false claims stated by the insured.

Settlement ready for review in claim of price-fixing by milk producers

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – Major dairy producers in the United States are set to pay $52 million in a settlement of a class-action lawsuit filed against them which alleged a conspiracy to jack up the prices of milk and milk products.

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to decide dietary supplements case

ORLANDO -- The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is on the verge of providing a concrete resolution to the contrasting opinions of district courts regarding certification and classification of dietary supplements and the lawsuits related to them.

Stanford University leaders say new alcohol policy not prompted by Brock Turner's sexual assault case

STANFORD -- Stanford University's move to ban hard liquor on campus has drawn criticism from many who see it as proof of the school's alleged bias in the Brock Turner sexual assault case.

California Supreme Court Denies Hearing on San Mateo County Community College project

SAN FRANCISCO -- The California Supreme Court has declared that it is not authorized to determine whether or not the disputed project in the high-profile case of the Friends of the College of San Mateo Gardens vs. San Mateo County Community College District could be considered as a “new” undertaking.

Bankruptcy court judge rejects DocuSign signatures as authentic sources, sanctions attorney

SACRAMENTO -- A Sacramento lawyer has been sanctioned following his failure to use original signatures of his clients, but instead using electronic signatures for official documents in a bankruptcy case.

Walter Wilhelm Bauer Law Group lawyer celebrates fifth year on Top 100 Super Lawyer list

FRESNO -- A lawyer from the Fresno-based firm Walter Wilhelm Bauer Law Group earned a spot in the Top 100 attorneys list for northern California this year.

University of San Francisco graduate appointed to the board of Global Sources in Hong Kong

HONG KONG -- A former partner with Russin & Vecchi law firm has been named one of two newly appointed members of the board for Global Sources Ltd. 

Hoverboard maker countersues Chinese company in patent infringement case

SAN FRANCISCO – An Indiana hoverboard company is fighting back following the patent infringement case filed against them by a Chinese company.

U.S. Department of Justice disallows admission of Iraq Inquiry in civil suit against the former Bush administration

SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. Department of Justice has rejected the submission of the Chilcot Report, barring the documents from reaching the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit as supplemental evidence in the ongoing case centered on the Iraq War.

Elon Musk prevails in SolarCity-Tesler merger despite controversies

PALO ALTO -- The journey toward the merger of SolarCity and Tesla has been a long and winding path, especially for the major proponent of this move, Elon Musk, who faced accusations of going under the table to trick shareholders of the real score.

Stanford Law scholar among the dead in American University attack in Afghanistan

STANFORD -- A Stanford Law School scholar was one of the victims of the deadly 10-hour long assault at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) in August – a tragedy that killed at least 16 individuals.  

Startups spur lawyer growth in Bay area

SAN FRANCISCO – Law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area saw a rise in the number of lawyers following the surge in Silicon Valley startup companies.