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Energy company accuses NCR of patent infringement

SAN DIEGO — An energy company with its main office in San Diego is suing NCR, alleging patent infringement.

Closed circuit distributor accuses Chula Vista restaurant of unlawfully showing programs

SAN DIEGO — A distributor of boxing events is suing the owners of a Chula Vista restaurant, alleging unlawful interception of a program signal.

New Jersey corporation alleges Beverly Hills surgical company owes $184,000

SAN DIEGO — A New Jersey corporation is suing a Beverly Hills surgical company, alleging breach of contract by defaulting on scheduled payments of more than $184,000.

Store clerk alleges Dollar Tree failed to pay proper wages

LOS ANGELES — A store clerk is suing Dollar Tree, alleging unpaid wages.

Farmers Group accuses competitors of trademark infringement

SACRAMENTO — The Farmers Group is suing insurance competitors, alleging trademark infringement.

Pay-per-view distributor accuses restaurant owners of showing unauthorized programs

SAN DIEGO — A distributor of pay-per-view boxing events is suing La Mesa restaurant owners, alleging tortious conversion. .

Music producers accuse entertainment company of copyright violations

LOS ANGELES — Music producers are suing an entertainment company, alleging copyright infringement.

Luxury clothing company accuses fashion businesses of unfair competition

Clothing company sues fashion companyLOS ANGELES — A clothing company is suing Lauren Handbag, Inc. JYC Trading Inc, CASA Kevin, et al., fashion company, citing alleged copyright infringement.Michael Kors, LLC filed a complaint on Feb. 5, in the U.S.

Consumer alleges inaccurate information on account

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles County woman is suing a group of defendants, alleging misrepresentation in debt collection.

Disabled customer alleges L.A. restaurant failed to follow ADA provisions

LOS ANGELES — A disabled California man who requires a wheelchair for mobility, is suing a Los Angeles restaurant, alleging disability discrimination.

Consumer accuses telemarketer of phone harassment

LOS ANGELES — An Arleta man has filed a class action lawsuit against a telemarketer and seller of loans, alleging violation of telephone harassment statutes.

Bank accuses L.A. borrower of defaulting on more than $300,000

LOS ANGELES — A Florida banking corporation is suing a Los Angeles borrower, alleging breach of contract in failing to pay more than $300,000.

Footwear designer accuses competitor of trademark infringement

LOS ANGELES — A footwear designer is suing a New Jersey competitor, alleging unfair competition due to copying registered trademarks.

Disabled customer accuses auto repair shop of violating ADA

SAN DIEGO — A disabled man who requires a wheelchair for mobility is suing a Lemon Grove automobile repair shop, alleging disability discrimination.

4 employees accuse agricultural supply company of failing to pay overtime

FRESNO — Four employees have filed a class action lawsuit against an agricultural supply company, alleging failure to pay overtime wages.

Disabled customer accuses Winnetka facility of violating ADA standards

LOS ANGELES — A disabled California man who requires heavy leg braces for mobility is suing a Winnetka business, alleging disability discrimination.

Carpenters board alleges audits not properly submitted

LOS ANGELES — A carpenters' board of trustees is suing a construction company, alleging violation of workers compensation acts.

Philadelphia investment firm accuses San Diego business of trademark infringement

SAN DIEGO — A Philadelphia investment company is suing a San Diego financing service company, alleging trademark infringement and unjust enrichment.​​​​

Passenger blames Royal Caribbean cruise ship for injuries from falling ladder

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego County cruise ship passenger is suing Royal Caribbean, alleging negligence in keeping a dangerous condition aboard the vessel.

Government accuses Encinitas Italian restaurant of discrimination

SAN DIEGO — The U.S. government is suing an Italian restaurant in Encinitas of employment discrimination.