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Disabled customer accuses Holiday Inn owners of disability discrimination

SAN DIEGO — A disabled California woman is suing the owner of a San Diego Holiday Inn, alleging disability discrimination.

GPS tracker developer accuses competitor of patent infringement

LOS ANGELES — A Sonoma County man is suing a competitor, alleging use of ian nfringed product without consent.

Medical corporation accuses health care plan of violating ERISA

LOS ANGELES — A Culver City medical corporation is suing an administrator of the health care plan, alleging breach of implied contract and negligent misrepresentation.

Customer accuses consumer reporting agency of debt misrepresentation

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego County man is suing a credit reporting agency, alleging misrepresentation in debt collection.

Parents accuse L.A. school district of discrimination

LOS ANGELES — The parents of a disabled child are suing the Los Angeles school district, alleging breach of duty and disability discrimination.

Disabled customer accuses gas station/car wash of discrimination

SACRAMENTO — A disabled man who requires a wheelchair, is suing a Sanger gas station/convenience story, alleging disability discrimination.

Policy holder alleges denial of disability benefits

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego woman is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

AAA accuses Chula Vista Inn of trademark infringement

SAN DIEGO — The AAA is suing a Chula Vista tourist accommodation, alleging trademark infringement.

Fresno grain company accuses Global Natural of breach of contract

FRESNO — A Fresno County grain company is suing Global Natural, alleging breach of contract.

Parlier enforcement officer accuses city of unpaid overtime wages

FRESNO — A Parlier enforcement officer has filed a class action lawsuit against the city, alleging unpaid overtime wages.

Consumer accuses credit reporting agency of harassment

SAN DIEGO — An Imperial County man is suing a consumer reporting agency, alleging misrepresentation in debt collection.

Disabled customer accuses Sacramento gas station owners of violating ADA

SACRAMENTO — A disabled California man is suing a Sacramento gas station owner, alleging disability discrimination.

Customer accuses solar panel business of false representation

SACRAMENTO— A Kern County man has filed a class action lawsuit against a solar installer company, alleging alleged fraud and unjust enrichment.

Consumer accuses credit reporting agencies of negligent misrepresentation

SACRAMENTO — A consumer is suing credit reporting agencies, alleging misrepresentation in debt collection.

Eye care company accuses Kimberly-Clark of trademark violations

LOS ANGELES — A San Luis Obispo eye care company is suing Kimberley-Clark, alleging unauthorized used of its Soft Touch trademark.

British Columbia photographer alleges images used without consent

LOS ANGELES — A British Columbia professional photographer is suing a skin care company, alleging use of licensed images on its website without consent.

San Diego police accused of wrongful conduct

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego man is suing the city and its police officers, alleging false arrest, battery and violating his civil rights.

Surviving relatives accuse Fresno police of wrongful death

SACRAMENTO — Surviving family members are suing the city of Fresno and Fresno police, alleging breach of duty, wrongful death and violation of civil rights.

Disabled customer accuses Encino property owner of disability discrimination

LOS ANGELES — A disabled California man who requires a wheelchair is suing Encino public facility owners, alleging disability discrimination.

Disabled customer alleges Torrance restaurant violated ADA

LOS ANGELES — A disabled California man who requires a wheelchair is suing owners and operators of a Torrance restaurant, alleging disability discrimination.