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Defense expert in J&J trial says plaintiff acquired mesothelioma spontaneously; Lungs did not show scarring

By John Sammon | Feb 27, 2019

ALAMEDA – A witness for the defense, a pulmonologist, said Tuesday that plaintiff Terry Leavitt was one of those unlucky people who developed mesothelioma “spontaneously” for no known reason and not from baby powder made by Johnson & Johnson.

Defense witness in J&J trial says Weirick had bad luck; Disease not caused by baby powder

By John Sammon | Sep 13, 2018

LOS ANGELES - Attorneys defending Johnson & Johnson rested their case Wednesday after portraying Carolyn Weirick as a victim of bad luck in contracting mesothelioma, not from the baby powder she claimed in her lawsuit contained asbestos and gave her the rare and deadly disease.

Judge dismisses age discrimination case against Stanford University

By Amanda Thomas | Apr 11, 2018

SAN JOSE – A federal judge has dismissed an age discrimination lawsuit against Stanford University because the plaintiff failed to state "a plausible claim."

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