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9th Circuit orders Uber drivers' cases to arbitration

By Takesha Thomas | Sep 28, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – It's back to the negotiating table for Uber and its drivers who say they should be treated as full-time employees.

Uber increases settlement in 'safe rides' suit to $32.5 million

By Michael McGrady | Jun 21, 2017

As the popular ride-sharing giant Uber is at the forefront of controversy, the firm also finds itself upping its settlement in a class-action lawsuit that claims that its customers were misled about so-called safe rides fees and the screening process for drivers, among other alleged improprieties documented in a suit filed with a California federal court.

Couple alleges negligent Uber driver caused injuries

By Wadi Reformado | May 18, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Uber users allege they were injured when their driver collided with another vehicle.

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