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Researcher and witness for Johnson & Johnson says plaintiff had cancer in 2013

By John Sammon | Mar 8, 2019

ALAMEDA – A British pathologist told a jury on Thursday that plaintiff Terry Leavitt had an identifiable cancer reported in 2013, but treatment did not take place until 2017.

Epidemiologist tells jury in talc case that baby powder presents no risk for mesothelioma

By John Sammon | Mar 7, 2019

ALAMEDA – An epidemiologist told an Alameda County Superior Court jury on Wednesday that Johnson & Johnson baby powder presented no increased risk for causing mesothelioma, while attorneys for plaintiff Terry Leavitt tried to show that cases of the deadly disease were virtually nonexistent before the widespread worldwide use of cosmetic talc powder.

Mineral investigator tells plaintiff attorney: No asbestos in baby powder in mesothelioma case

By John Sammon | Mar 6, 2019

ALAMEDA – A minerals investigator for the Pennsylvania-based R.J. Lee Group an analytical laboratory on Tuesday denied there was asbestos in Johnson & Johnson baby powder despite presentations by the plaintiff’s attorney claiming that fibers seen in documented testing showed otherwise.

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