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Friday, July 19, 2019

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'Intersect Integrated Solutions Inc.'

3Com Corporation Political Action Committee

Aecom Technology Corporation Government Affairs Committee

Affymetrix Inc. Committee for Tomorrow's Government ('A.C.T.G.')

Allergan Inc Political Action Comm for Employees (APACE)

American Democratic Political Action Committee

American Electronics Association Electro PAC

American Enterprise PAC

American Free Enterprise PAC

American Independent Refiners Association PAC (Formerly: American Petroleum Refiners...)

American Tax Reduction PAC

American Watercraft Association PAC FKA Pro Personal Watercraft (PRO PWC PAC)

Americans for Police and Trooper Safety

Applied Signal Technology Inc PAC (AST PAC)

Apria Healthcare Inc Political Action Committee (FKA)Homedco Inc PAC

Atlantic Richfield Company, ARCO PAC

Balance of Power PAC

Bankamerica Corporation Political Action Committee (BACPAC)/FKA-Bankamerica Election Fund

Beat Bob

Bechtel Group, Inc. Political Action Committee (BECHTEL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE)