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Hantavirus case formally dismissed after 2017 settlement

SAN FRANCISCO (Northern California Record) A California woman's lawsuit against Yosemite National Park and others, following her diagnosis with hantavirus cardiopulonary syndrome in 2012, has been formally dismissed by a federal judge after the parties reach a settlement in spring 2017.

Stayed suspension, probation recommended for Los Angeles attorney

Los Angeles attorney Jeffrey Allen Lewiston faces stayed suspension and probation following a California State Bar recommendation regarding 14 counts of misconduct in seven client matters in states where Lewiston is not licensed to practice law and which ended with a Federal Trade Commission investigation in 2013.

Man claims First Data misreported, failed to look into dispute over debt

FRESNO — A consumer is suing First Data Merchant Services LLC, a collection agency, citing failure to investigate the plaintiff's dispute into an alleged debt.

Litigation is not the way to improve cyber security, corporate defense attorney says

MENLO PARK - Embedded technology that collects and shares information from all kinds of everyday items may be improving quality of life, but the accompanying liability risks have legal experts predicting that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the next litigation target for the plaintiffs' bar.

Delta flies past California peculiarities

&&&LOS ANGELES – A California federal judge has held that an out-of-state employee’s limited presence in California is not enough on its own to require the employer to comply with California wage and hour laws.

Former CNN writer pursuing discrimination claims after court ruling

LOS ANGELES — A former CNN employee has new life in seeking claims of alleged bias and discrimination against the media juggernaut after a recent ruling by the California Court of Appeal.

Law firms face serious risks, consequences from data breaches

SONORA — Wheeler & Egger CPAs LLP discovered a data breach at their firm in August involving several of the firm's clients who filed a 2015 tax return extension. 

Man alleges Porshe came with defective alternator cable

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Jose Porshe owner has filed a class-action lawsuit against an auto manufacturer alleging that a defective part poses a safety hazard.

Owners of Porsche vehicles file suit over alleged use of defeat devices

LOS ANGELES – Two Porsche owners are suing the automobile manufacturer alleging that it knowingly violated the Clean Air Act by putting a defeat device in its diesel-powered cars that would temporarily reduce emissions in order to pass inspection.

Texas man accuses Porsche of fraud

SAN FRANCISCO – A Texas man has filed a class-action lawsuit against a car manufacturer alleging that it knowingly violated U.S. environmental law by putting a "defeat device" in its cars that would temporarily reduce emissions in order to pass inspection.

Telmate Inc. ued over allegations of breach of contract

SAN FRANCISCO – A technology company is suing a California corporation over claims it hasn't paid for a completed project.

Photographer sues over copyright infringement claims

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Carlos photographer is suing several businesses over claims his photo was used without his permission.

Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi sued over alleged use of defeat devices

SAN FRANCISCO – Seven individuals, and on behalf of others in a similar situation, are suing Porsche, Volkswagen and Audi over allegations that the auto manufacturers mislead consumers.