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U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit lets ruling stand that bars felon coaches from NCAA events

A federal judge panel has sided with the NCAA in a legal dispute where an African-American youth basketball coach charged that the NCAA's policy of banning convicted felons from coaching in its sanctioned events is discriminatory.

USA Gymnastics sued for alleged negligence in child molestation case

INDIANAPOLIS -- Attorneys for a U.S. gymnast who medaled at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games recently filed suit, alleging that a team physician sexually assaulted and molested plaintiff Jane J.D. Doe. 

Life-saving cardiovascular medical device allegedly breaks, causes internal damage to patient

SANTA ANA — A patient has filed suit against the manufacturer of a heart implantation device, alleging it was defective and damaged her heart, her kidney and caused other medical issues.

Man accuses medical implants manufacturer of defective product

SACRAMENTO – A California man is suing a medical company alleging that it knowingly manufactured and distributed defective products that may cause injuries to others.

Eli Lilly alleges individuals are selling counterfeit Cialis

SAN FRANCISCO – A pharmaceutical company is suing multiple individuals over allegations that they are using its name to sell counterfeit products.

Widow files breach of contract lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase Bank

SAN FRANCISCO — A widow is suing JPMorgan Chase Bank for breach of contract over their alleged refusal to communicate with her on her mortgage after her husband died resulting in her mortgage debt going up.