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Ford accused of faulty transmissions; judges order case to be consolidated in California

More than 100 plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against Ford Motor Company to claim a transmission in certain Ford models is defective.

Couple accuses General Motors of selling defective vehicle

FRESNO — A Fresno County couple is suing General Motors, alleging breach of warranty in selling a defective vehicle.

Customer accuses General Motors, Ford of breaching warranties

FRESNO — A Fresno County woman is suing General Motors and Ford, alleging breach of express and implied warranties.

Two consumers seek damages over allegations Ford Focus has defects

FRESNO – Two consumers claim a vehicle they purchased has defects and has not been repaired to conform to the warranties.

Fresno County man alleges Ford Focus has defects that have not been repaired

FRESNO – A Fresno County man is seeking rescission of the sales contract of a Ford vehicle he purchased over allegations that the vehicle's defects have not been repaired.

Consumer seeks rescission of Ford vehicle's sales contract, alleges transmission has defects

FRESNO – A Fresno County consumer alleges the Ford Focus she purchased has defects in the transmission.

Woman alleges Ford Focus is defective, seeks damages

FRESNO – A Fresno County woman alleges a Ford vehicle she purchased is defective and seeks rescission of the sales contract.

Man alleges Ford Mustang has defects with transmission, battery

FRESNO – A Fresno County consumer alleges a Ford Mustang he purchased is defective and is seeking replacement or restitution of the vehicle.

Consumer files class action over alleged door latch defect in Ford vehicle

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Rafael individual alleges a Ford vehicle he purchased has a defective door latch assembly that causes unwarranted "door ajar" warnings.

Woman claims rear hatch on Lincoln MKX is defective

FRESNO – A Fresno County consumer allege the rear hatch on her Ford vehicle is defective and seeks rescission of the sales contract.

Woman alleges Ford vehicle has defective transmission, seeks rescission

LOS ANGELES – A Calabasas consumer claims a vehicle she purchased jerks and hesitates upon acceleration because of a defective transmission.

Consumers claim Chevrolet vehicle has defects, seeks replacement

FRESNO – Two Madera consumers claim that a new vehicle they purchased has issues with the radio, oil leaks, acceleration concerns and other problems.

Woman alleges Ford vehicle has defects with spark plugs

SAN FRANCISCO – A Santa Clara County woman alleges she purchased a vehicle that has engine defects.

Ford Focus owners seek rescission of the purchase contract, allege defective transmission

FRESNO – A Fresno couple alleges they suffered damages from purchasing a vehicle that had a defective transmission.

Couple files suit against Ford over allegedly defective transmission

FRESNO – A Friant couple allege the Ford vehicle they purchased has a defective transmission.

Consumer claims Chevrolet Equinox has defects, seeks restitution

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Joaquin County consumer claims he purchased a vehicle that later developed defects in the transmission.

Couple claims GMC vehicle has defects in suspension, other areas

SAN FRANCISCO – Santa Clara County consumers allege a GMC vehicle they purchased in 2011 has defects that have not been repaired.

Couple claims Ford Fiesta has defective transmission

LOS ANGELES – A Twentynine Palms couple alleges a Ford vehicle they purchased has defective transmission.

California court denies class certification in Ford defective-steering case

LOS ANGELES — A district-court judge has denied class certification by Ford drivers who are suing over allegedly faulty steering in some Focus and Fusion cars.

Ford Focus owner alleges engine, transmission still hasn't been repaired by dealerships

LOS ANGELES – An El Monte consumer claims that engine and transmission defects in his Ford vehicle were not repaired after six trips to various dealerships.