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Class action appeal approved against Bank of America

SAN FRANCISCO -- A U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeal justice has upturned a class action certification appeal brought by a major bank.

California attorney disbarred in Florida following suspension in North Carolina

Florida Record

Attorney David Campbell Sutton, of Clovis, California, practicing in Florida for more than 27 years, has been disbarred following a Jan. 24 Florida Supreme Court order after his 2014 suspension in North Carolina, according to a recent announcement by The Florida Bar.

Appeals court rules that Unfair Competition Law does not apply in Bank of America case

The California Sixth District Court of Appeal recently ruled that California's Unfair Competition Law (UCL) does not apply to a California couple who attempted to challenge the repossession of their home.

R.V. Stich Construction Inc. alleges it is owed more than $170,000

SAN FRANCISCO – A construction company alleges it was not paid for work on a San Francisco property.

Administrative law judge blames unsafe factory practice for worker’s injuries

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – The failure of a California-based almond factory to implement safe operating policies and work guidelines in its work area resulted in serious physical harm to one of the employees, according to an administrative judge.

Lumber Liquidators allegedly sold defective flooring

LOS ANGELES — An individual has filed a class-action lawsuit against a national flooring provider for allegedly selling and installing defective flooring.