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Manufacturers' group calls ExxonMobil's move toward counter-suing a 'win'

A group that backs the interests of energy producers calls ExxonMobil's recent move toward counter-suing parties involved in California climate change litigation a "win" for manufacturers.

Seeds of anti-Exxon campaign were planted at 2012 climate change conference, company says

LA JOLLA - A 2012 climate change conference in La Jolla, Calif., was designed to impose a uniform perspective on climate policy that has resulted in abuses of government power, according to a major oil producer that says it's been unfairly targeted.

Texas attorney faces disbarment in California following suspension in Lone Star State

Attorney Mark Lane Loomi Welker of Quitman Texas, licensed in California since 1984, faces disbarment by default following a California State Bar recommendation after he was suspended for nine months in Texas.

Ex-federal prosecutor: Could take 'many years' to understand DaVita RX settlement ramifications

Former federal prosecutor Nick Oberheiden knows health care fraud.

Condominium owners continue to fight Shell over contaminated soil, water

SAN FRANCISCO -- A condominium complex built on the site of a former fuel distribution terminal has lost part of its case against Shell Oil. An appellate court found Shell not guilty of negligence but the question of Shell’s failure to remove all its petroleum products from the soil and water at the site, thus creating a continuing nuisance, remain to be settled by the lower court.

Customers allege Nissan violated warranties

FRESNO — A couple is suing Nissan, alleging breach of express warranty.

Appeals court rules that former Neiman Marcus employee could be entitled to monetary damages in disability suit

The U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that former Neiman Marcus employee Taylor Bayer was entitled to receive nominal damages in his suit that alleged violations of the Americans with Disability Act.

Retired union workers ask for rehearing in American Airlines, American Eagle Airlines bankruptcy case

Retired union members who lost a suit against the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) claiming they were denied equity after the bankruptcy of American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines Inc. have asked the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for a rehearing.

Culver City Surgical Specialists alleges health plan paid reduced rate for claim

LOS ANGELES – A medical corporation in the state alleges it was paid at a reduced rate to treatment it provided to a patient.

Southwest Airline passengers allege emergency landing caused injuries

SAN FRANCISCO – Three California residents allege they suffered physical and emotional injuries when a Southwest Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing.

Federal appeals court approves class-action suit over US Airways missing luggage

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is allowing a class-action lawsuit against US Airways and its parent company American Airlines over baggage fees to move forward.

Suit claims Nationstar, US Bank failed to notify consumer she was approved for loan modification

SAN FRANCISCO — A woman is suing Nationstar Mortgage and U.S. Bank, alleging breach of contract and negligence.

Virginia couple says home wrongfully foreclosed on, sold

SAN FRANCISCO — A couple is suing Caliber Home Loans, Inc. Quality Loan Service Corp. and Breckenridge Property Trust 2016 LLC, citing alleged breach of contract.

Appeals court rules against defendant in mortgage case

The California First Appellate District Court of Appeal recently decided to uphold the Solano County Superior Court's decision to drop Linda Vanpelt's case against HSBC Bank USA, National Association and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.

PCB public nuisance litigation could be creating costly future liability for local government, officials say

SAN DIEGO - In the latest wave of public nuisance cases to hit California, cities blaming Monsanto for contaminating local waterways could also be exposing themselves to future liability and economic harm, say former public officials who oppose this type of litigation.

Wells Fargo faces whistleblower lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO — Wells Fargo is experiencing more fallout from its fake-account scandal.

Railroads succeed in blocking new Haz-Mat tax

SACRAMENTO -- A California judge has granted a preliminary injunction against the new tax scheme scheduled to be imposed on trains carrying hazardous materials, pointing out that the petitioners’ arguments merited a day in court.

New ACLU study reveals police in California schools do more harm than good

OAKLAND -- A new report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) finds that in California, police intervention in school disciplinary matters is ineffective and unfairly targets minority students and disabled students. 

Trustee claims Nationstar Mortgage wrongfully foreclosed on property

SAN FRANCISCO — A special trustee has filed suit against a mortgage company for allegedly wrongfully foreclosing on a property.

American Small Business League continues fight against the federal government

PETALUMA – The American Small Business League (ASBL) has filed for an injunction to halt the alleged falsifying of small business contracts by the federal government.