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Foster Wheeler's request for summary judgment in asbestos suit rejected

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has denied a shipyard company's request for summary judgment in an asbestos exposure lawsuit brought by the estate of a worker who worked in the company's boiler rooms.

Federal judge dismisses asbestos-related personal injury suit against Foster Wheeler

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge has dismissed an asbestos-related personal injury suit against an engineering company at the plaintiff's request.

Ice ages, the atmosphere and what Trump thinks: Climate change judge questions it all

Legal Newsline

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – A federal judge has big questions regarding global warming for the private lawyers pushing lawsuits on behalf of California cities and counties – and about how President Donald Trump feels about blaming the energy industry for climate change.

First came fire, next water: Calif. city again sues Chevron, its largest employer/taxpayer

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RICHMOND, Calif. (Legal Newsline) – Without Chevron, the California city of Richmond wouldn’t exist as it does today. But even though the company is sustaining Richmond's current economy, city officials say it is also destroying its future.

Oakland would pay 23.5% to private lawyers it hired for global warming lawsuit

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OAKLAND (Legal Newsline) – The City of Oakland – one of eight California governments going big-game hunting by suing the energy industry over climate change – will pay private lawyers almost one-quarter of any recovery and says it does not have to disclose any communication with the firm it hired.

Fighting 'misguided' lawsuits, Chevron shows it can play the climate change blame game too

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SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) - Chevron Corp. has filed a third-party complaint against Norway’s state-owned oil company Statoil, seeking to include it in lawsuits by California cities and counties over global warming.

Photographer sues eBay over alleged copyright infringement

A San Diego photographer is suing eBay, citing alleged copyright infringement.

Overstock to pay $6.8 million for false advertising after California court rejects appeal

The California First District Court of Appeals recently rejected an appeal by online retailer that argued that the circuit court imposed excessive penalties.

Disruptive tech sector advised to self-regulate while policy makers and regulators try to catch up

MENLO PARK - Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes laid out terms of an accord with innovators of the U.S. tech industry on Wednesday, advising them that self-regulation will go a long way in keeping law enforcers away.He also paid tribute to what disruptive technologies are contributing in economic terms and in making life better, healthier and safer for everyone.

Widow files breach of contract lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase Bank

SAN FRANCISCO — A widow is suing JPMorgan Chase Bank for breach of contract over their alleged refusal to communicate with her on her mortgage after her husband died resulting in her mortgage debt going up.

Utah company alleges that iHealth infringed on trademark

SAN FRANCISCO – A Utah health and fitness corporation is suing a Mountain View health corporation over trademark infringement allegations.