SAN FRANCISCO — A California-based company is suing another company they alleged infringed on a mobile communications patent they hold.

e.Digital Corporation filed a lawsuit on Dec. 17, 2015 in the Northern District of California District Court San Francisco Division against MivaTek International, Inc.

According to the claim, e.Digital is the assignee and owner of United States Patent No. 8,311,522 entitled “System and Method for Managing Mobile Communications”, which has continuation patents 8,306,514, 8,311,524, 9,002,331, and 9,178,983. The products of MivaTek allegedly includes sensor-based products such as door/window sensors, garage door tilt sensors, heat and fire/CO alarm sensors, cameras, motion sensors, remote key fobs, smart plugs, water leak sensors and activity tracking sensors. In the lawsuit, e.Digital claims they believe MivaTek is aware and encourages its customers to use their products in an infringing manner.

The plaintiff, who is demanding a jury trial, is seeking to prove MivaTek infringed the patents-in-suit and receive compensation for all damages caused by the infringement.

Gabriel G. Hedrick, Lauren G. Kane, and Anton N. Handal of  San Diego-based Handal and Associates represent e.Digital.

Northern District of California District Court San Francisco Division Case 315-cv-05795-JCS

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