SAN FRANCISCO – An insurer is seeking subrogation after a collision in the city.

Government Employees Insurance Co. filed a complaint on April 5 in the San Francisco County Superior Court against Electerio Benetez-Villanueva and Does 1-20 seeking subrogation.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that on May, 10, 2016, plaintiff's insured's vehicle was damaged in a collision with the defendant on Fell Street in San Francisco. In satisfaction of the loss, the plaintiff claims it paid $9,249.55 on behalf of its insured. 

The plaintiff seeks damages in the full sum of $9,249.55, plus interest, costs of this suit and such other just and proper relief. It is represented by Cherie Paulus of Law Office of Marvin P. Velastegui in Poway.

San Francisco County Superior Court Case number CGC17558013

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