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NFIB seeks to avoid retroactive application of contractor-employee ruling

By Glenn Minnis | Jan 20, 2019

The National Federation of Independent Business’ Small Business Legal Center has filed an amicus brief urging a federal judge to affirm a district court’s limited liabilities ruling in a suit brought to establish the standard for determining if a Grubhub food delivery driver classifies as an independent contractor or an employee of the company.

Appeals Court sides with Transportation Department in land dispute over highway improvements

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 20, 2019

A landowner who sued for Fifth Amendment violations by the Department of Transportation, which allegedly occupied a strip of land without compensation, has suffered a loss in court.

Appeals court upholds summary judgement in favor of supplement makers advertising cardiovascular health benefits

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 20, 2019

A vitamin maker accused of mislabeling its products and falsely advertising health claims has obtained a victory in court.

Appeals Court affirms dismissal of Applied Underwriters' trademark infringement case over webcast seminar

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 20, 2019

A financial services company claiming that its trademarks have been used as a title for a webcast seminar and in promotion materials has suffered a loss in court.

As Supreme Court bans foie gras, restaurant association says change will impact California restaurant industry

By Carrie Bradon | Jan 18, 2019

The Supreme Court has allowed California to ban foie gras after six years of the state waiting to enforce a ruling that was initially made 15 years ago.

Court rules Securities and Exchange Commission failed to show entitlement to disgorgement from Berkeley Healthcare Dynamics

By Charmaine Little | Jan 18, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California partially granted the Securities Exchange Commission’s motion for summary judgment in its case against companies it alleged violated federal securities laws.

International Aero Products granted leave to amend complaint in Aero trademark infringement case

By Charmaine Little | Jan 18, 2019

LOS ANGELES – The U.S. District Court for the Central District of California granted in part and denied in part motions in a company’s trademark infringement case against a similarly named company on Jan. 8.

Court rules MetLife owes couple nearly $500,000 for attorneys' fees in insurance claim dispute

By Charmaine Little | Jan 18, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – On Jan. 7, a federal court granted in part a couple’s motion for judgment award against their insurance company after they were denied coverage several times for payment of accident dismemberment benefits.

Plaintiff witness discusses asbestos fibers in ongoing talcum powder trial

By John Sammon | Jan 18, 2019

ALAMEDA – The difference between the asbestos fibers you have in your body and the asbestos fibers Terry Leavitt is alleging caused her to develop mesothelioma are their size a pathologist said on Wednesday, adding that baby powder exposure is so far the lone indicator.

Court says Alphonso did not infringe on Samba's patent for system that matches advertising to TV viewing habits

By Charmaine Little | Jan 17, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California recently said a company that sends advertisements to consumers' mobile devices based on the television shows they watch is not infringing on a patent created by a company that also sends ads to mobile devices based on television viewing habits.

Court grants final approval of class settlement in restaurant workers' tip-pool lawsuit against Brigantine

By Charmaine Little | Jan 17, 2019

SAN DIEGO – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California recently granted final approval of a class settlement in a wage-and-hour lawsuit filed against a San Diego area restaurant company by several employees.

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Exxon argues for Texas justice as it defends self from climate change lawsuits

By David Yates | Jan 17, 2019

FORT WORTH – Texas justices will soon decide whether California municipalities took aim at Texas-based free speech by bringing climate change lawsuits against ExxonMobil, a Texas company, in California courts.

Fifth day at talc trial, sides continue to spar over cause of woman's mesothelioma

By John Sammon | Jan 16, 2019

Add Teaser hereALAMEDA – Two noted researchers called as expert witnesses by the attorney for plaintiff Terry Leavitt said Tuesday samples of Johnson & Johnson baby powder had been found to contain asbestos although defense attorneys countered that one of them seemed a late-comer to deciding talc was dangerous.

Plaintiff expert witness says asbestos in talc powder caused woman’s disease

By John Sammon | Jan 15, 2019

ALAMEDA – An expert witness called by the attorney for plaintiff Terry Leavitt left little doubt that he believed the woman’s exposure to Johnson & Johnson baby powder caused her to contract mesothelioma.

Decision in man's case against Mission Soaring over hang gliding accident reversed by appellate court

By Karen Kidd | Jan 14, 2019

SAN JOSE – A man's lawsuit against a Milpitas hang gliding company following his injury during a hang gliding crash in 2013 is headed back to a San Benito County court following a state appeals court decision.

Judge rules that evidence must be focused on science ahead of weedkiller trial

By John Breslin | Jan 14, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO - A federal judge has barred plaintiff lawyers in a bellwether case alleging a Monsanto weed killer causes cancer from introducing evidence in the initial trial that the company manipulated evidence, intimidated scientists and regulators.

West Covina attorney faces possible suspension for misconduct in divorce case

By Karen Kidd | Jan 11, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — West Covina attorney Gabriel Castellanos faces a possible mostly stayed suspension following a recently announced California State Bar Court recommendation over seven counts of misconduct in a single matter.

Plaintiff witness says testing for asbestos flawed in ongoing J&J talc trial

By John Sammon | Jan 10, 2019

ALAMEDA – An expert witness appearing on behalf of Terry Leavitt told a jury on Thursday the testing of Johnson and Johnson baby powder for possible contamination with asbestos was imperfect and that previous findings of no asbestos were likely wrong.

State bar court public reproves L. A. attorney over demand letter drafted while ineligible

By Karen Kidd | Jan 10, 2019

State bar court public reproves L. A. attorney over demand letter drafted while ineligible

Federal judge keeps alive photographer's copyright infringement lawsuit against Scholastic

By Karen Kidd | Jan 9, 2019

A freelance photo journalist's copyright infringement lawsuit against children's publisher Scholastic Inc. is still alive following a federal judge's order issued earlier this month.

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