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Legal scholar seeks reinstatement to practice law

LOS ANGELES (Northern California Record) — Renewed health and vigor is behind the decision by noted land use and planning legal scholar James Alan Kushner to seek readmission to the California Bar, following his resignation in 2012, Kushner said during a recent interview. "

Outcome of Apple-Samsung trial could affect patent value, experts say

Experts believe the ultimate resolution of a long-running head-to-head between Samsung and Apple over the design of their phones could have deep implications for the value of patents.

Gold River attorney faces 2 years' probation

Gold River attorney Michael Joseph Baytosh faces two years' probation following a California State Bar recommendation over multiple counts of misconduct in a single client matter.

State bar recommends San Diego attorney be suspended

San Diego attorney Manuel Angel Gonzalez faces a possible minimum of two years' suspension following a California State Bar recommendation regarding 25 counts of misconduct in six consolidated matters.

California State Bar Court recommends suspension, probation for longtime Lafayette attorney

Lafayette attorney Diddo Ruth Clark, practicing in California for almost 40 years, faces suspension and probation following a California State Bar recommendation over three counts of professional misconduct stemming from "discord" in her family.

Stanford professor says judicial misconduct no longer tolerated

An investigation into the activities of Alex Kozinski, a former judge on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, will not continue after he resigned from his position.

Manufacturers' group calls ExxonMobil's move toward counter-suing a 'win'

A group that backs the interests of energy producers calls ExxonMobil's recent move toward counter-suing parties involved in California climate change litigation a "win" for manufacturers.

Exxon prepares to sue Calif. cities, says they contradict themselves on climate change


FORT WORTH, Texas (Legal Newsline) - Some government officials in California are hypocrites pushing a political agenda that involves using private lawyers to sue and demonize ExxonMobil, the company is now arguing in a Texas state court.

Seeds of anti-Exxon campaign were planted at 2012 climate change conference, company says

LA JOLLA - A 2012 climate change conference in La Jolla, Calif., was designed to impose a uniform perspective on climate policy that has resulted in abuses of government power, according to a major oil producer that says it's been unfairly targeted.

Chula Vista attorney faces California disbarment by default over 2011 disbarment in Washington

Chula Vista attorney William Orval Guffey faces disbarment by default following a California State Bar recommendation over his 2011 disbarment in Washington state after allegations that included trust account irregularities and dishonesty.

Arizona attorney faces disbarment following suspension for practicing law without license

James Rudolph Andrews of Chandler, Arizona, faces disbarment by default following a California State Bar recommendation after he was suspended in Arizona over allegations that included practicing law without a license.

Northridge attorney faces disbarment for allegedly failing to comply with probation requirements

Northridge attorney Audrey Marie Ritter faces disbarment by default following a California State Bar recommendation after she failed to submit quarterly reports as required by a previous discipline.

Texas attorney faces disbarment in California following suspension in Lone Star State

Attorney Mark Lane Loomi Welker of Quitman Texas, licensed in California since 1984, faces disbarment by default following a California State Bar recommendation after he was suspended for nine months in Texas.

Victims of IRS's tea party bias - and taxpayers - must see Lois Lerner's testimony, lawyer says


CINCINNATI (Legal Newsline) - Lois Lerner, formerly of the Internal Revenue Service when it discriminated against applicants for tax exemptions based on their viewpoints, claims Americans have no right to read statements she made under oath about why she did it.

Arizona attorney faces disbarment in California, restitution order following alleged misconduct

Attorney Sean Joseph Gallagher of Oro Valley, Arizona, licensed in California since 1996, faces disbarment following a California State Bar recommendation over multiple allegations of misconduct in which he was ordered to pay more than $15,000 in restitution.

Ex-federal prosecutor: Could take 'many years' to understand DaVita RX settlement ramifications

Former federal prosecutor Nick Oberheiden knows health care fraud.

Ninth Circuit vacates Merck's summary judgment

PASADENA – California’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated a district court’s decision granting summary judgment to Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

Appeals court affirms district court decision compelling arbitration in AT&T case

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. District Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on Nov. 11 affirmed a decision of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California compelling the plaintiffs to seek arbitration in a class action alleging that broadband carrier AT&T falsely advertised mobile services as “unlimited,” when, in fact, they weren't.

Consumer board seeks $287 million in restitution over CashCall case

LOS ANGELES -- A Nov. 20 hearing featured the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau calling CashCall a purveyor of “financial snake oil” and arguing the online lender should pay as much as $287 million because they deceived customers.

California appellate court reverses decision in Bakersfield oil refinery case

Several groups who came together with the “Association of Irritated Residents” won their appeal of a trial court decision that approved the Kern County plan with Alon USA Energy to double the volume of local oil refinery Nov. 21 in the Fifth District Court of Appeal.