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Jiaxing Super Lighting, Green Deal claim Lunera owes more than $9 million

By Carrie Salls | Oct 29, 2018

Lunera owes more than $9.6 million in unpaid invoices, all of which are past-due, according to the lawsuit

TD Bank USA alleges individual failed to pay credit card balance

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 29, 2018

STOCKTON – A bank alleges it is owed more than $1,000 on a credit card account from an individual residing in the state.

Court gives preliminary OK to proposed settlement regarding dispute over Navy Federal Credit Union overdraft fee

By Carrie Salls | Oct 25, 2018

SAN DIEGO – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California recently granted preliminary approval to a proposed settlement between the Navy Federal Credit Union and customers who claimed the credit union “improperly assessed and collected optional overdraft protection fees (OOPS).”

Bank of America alleges Butte County man owes more than $25,000 on account

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 19, 2018

OROVILLE – A bank alleges a Butte County resident failed to pay a credit account balance in full.

Judge denies motion to dismiss investor's suit alleging fraud regarding casino project

By Charmaine Little | Oct 17, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California recently denied motions to dismiss an investment group's lawsuit alleging fraud and breach of contract regarding a Pinoleville Pomo Nation casino project.

The Fillmore Center tenants allege property was removed, disposed of without permission

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 17, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – Tenants of a San Francisco apartment allege their belongings were removed by the property's owners while they were relocating to a different unit.

New York resident alleges 1950 Chevy truck was not delivered in condition promised

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 17, 2018

FRESNO – A New York resident alleges a vintage pickup truck he purchased from a Fresno seller through eBay was delivered in complete disrepair.

Lifestyle Solar alleges The Pelican Consulting Group, others defaulted on loan

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 12, 2018

FRESNO – A Fresno County corporation alleges it is owed several hundred thousand dollars for a loan from several entities.

Buyer alleges title to Fresno County property has not been transferred by seller

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 12, 2018

FRESNO – A Fresno County man alleges he purchased a property in the county from a Merced County seller and that the title has not been transferred to him.

BC Fruta alleges FreshKO owes more than $30,000 for decayed produce

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 10, 2018

FRESNO – A California corporation alleges it is owed more than $30,000 for produce that was delivered to it in a damaged condition.

Green Energy Associates alleges it is owed more than $700,000 under agreement

By Asia Mayfield | Oct 5, 2018

FRESNO – A Michigan company alleges that a California individual and a Wyoming company failed to pay an agreed-upon sum in a settlement.

Federal court resolves multi-million contract dispute between car auction company and consulting business

By Charmaine Little | Oct 4, 2018

A vehicle auction company will receive more than $9 million after a contract dispute with three technology consulting companies.

Valley Network Solutions, others alleged to have failed to complete project

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 20, 2018

FRESNO – Two Fresno County businesses allege that the companies they hired to install security systems failed to do so in a workmanlike manner.

Mitek Systems alleges insurers breached contract by denying duty to defend

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 18, 2018

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego corporation alleges its insurers failed to defend it in a lawsuit filed in a Texas court.

Mazal Group alleges beauty products were sold online in violation of agreement with Florida resident

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Sep 13, 2018

LOS ANGELES – A Chatsworth beauty products manufacturer alleges a Miami, Florida resident intentionally sold product to resellers and/or online in violation of their agreement.

Citrus farmers allege no more is owed to Agri-Valley Irrigation under contracts

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 10, 2018

FRESNO – Two citrus farmers allege they have paid the amount due under two contracts with a Fresno County business, but the business claims they owe thousands more.

Kasiner Farms alleged to owe more than $500,000 to Simplot Grower Solutions

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 5, 2018

FRESNO – A food and agriculture company alleges a farm owes more than $500,000 for goods it purchased.

Shiralian Enterprises alleges Richard Herzog Construction breached contract

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Aug 28, 2018

FRESNO – A Fresno County construction company is alleged to have failed to provide the kilowatt reduction contracted in a solar panel project.

Protection Capital alleges IP CO failed to provide 2018 reports

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Aug 24, 2018

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego company alleges a Georgia company failed to provide reports in 2018 per the terms of an agreement.

Moldex-Metric alleges Michigan company interfered with a contract

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 24, 2018

LOS ANGELES – A Culver City company who manufactures earplugs alleges a Michigan corporation convinced another company to manufacture earplugs and breach an agreement.

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