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Court affirms jury verdict in case over closure of San Francisco's apartment courtyard to use by children

By Karen Kidd | Jan 4, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – A state appeals court recently affirmed a lower court jury's verdict in a tenant harassment lawsuit filed by residents of an upscale San Francisco apartment complex over the use of a courtyard.

Domino's granted summary judgment in lawsuit over GPS driver tracking system

By Chandra Lye | Jan 4, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal district court has granted summary judgment for defendant Domino’s Pizza in a case over a GPS driver tracking system designed by plaintiff Prostar Wireless Group.

Court dismisses patent infringement lawsuit involving Uniloc, Box

By Chandra Lye | Jan 4, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has issued an order of dismissal in a patent infringement case filed by Uniloc 2017 LLC against Box Inc.

Westlake Village attorney faces disbarment over 5 counts of misconduct

By Karen Kidd | Jan 3, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO (Northern California Record) – Longtime Westlake Village attorney Ira Cohen faces disbarment by default following a recently announced California State Bar Court recommendation on misconduct charges.

Former Kaggle President can bypass arbitration to sue board members over 2017 Google purchase, appeals court rules

By Karen Kidd | Jan 2, 2019

Australian researcher and former Kaggle president Jeremy Howard is free to sue board members who he claims cheated him when the company was sold to Google in 2017, according to a recent state appeals court ruling.

Friant Ranch development further delayed in California Supreme Court decision over air quality concerns

By Karen Kidd | Jan 2, 2019

The development of the 942-acre Friant Ranch, as approved by the Fresno County Board of Supervisors about eight years ago, met yet another delay in a split California Supreme Court finding that the proposal doesn't provide enough state Environmental Quality Act analysis.

California Supreme Court decides procedural question about quit notice service timing

By Karen Kidd | Jan 2, 2019

California law requires that owners who acquire titles to real property in a deed of trust's power of sale must perfect that title before issuing a three-day written notice to quit the premises, the state Supreme Court ruled last month.

California high court says health care workers working 12-hour shifts can waive a second meal break

By Karen Kidd | Jan 2, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – The California Supreme Court recently found that health care workers in the state who do not want to take a second meal break during shifts that exceed 12 hours aren't legally bound to do so.

Appeals court rejects false-advertising summary judgment in favor of nutritional supplement sellers

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 1, 2019

A California customer who sued the seller of a nutritional supplement claiming it falsely advertised the product has obtained a victory in court.

Appeals court affirms dismissal of anticompetition conspiracy suit against Walt Disney Co.

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 31, 2018

Shareholders of the Walt Disney Company concerned about agreements being made by the board of directors have suffered a loss in court.

Court denies rehearing to school district on religious exercise case

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 30, 2018

A school district with religious practices in its policies—which were upheld by a district court—has obtained a victory in appeals.

Court tosses woman's suit against American Airlines employee over allegations of assault and battery

By Charmaine Little | Dec 20, 2018

SAN DIEGO – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California granted a man's motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by an Arizona woman for lack of personal jurisdiction and denied his insufficient service of process on Dec. 11.

Judge partially grants Old Gringo's motion for summary judgment in case against designer

By Charmaine Little | Dec 20, 2018

SAN DIEGO – On Dec. 13, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California weighed in on a fashion designer’s case stemming from an alleged promise she would be a millionaire after becoming part owner in a company that sells Western-style boots.

Court denies Amazon, Google and Walmart's motion to compel in patent infringement case

By Charmaine Little | Dec 20, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – On Dec. 14, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled against a motion filed by Amazon, Google and Walmart in a patent infringement case and determined the plaintiff suing them doesn’t have to produce certain documents.

9th District affirms states have standing to sue over religious exemption of contraceptive coverage

By Charmaine Little | Dec 14, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – On Dec. 13, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit affirmed, vacated and remanded an Affordable Care Act case a handful of states filed against a number of federal agencies over regulations that would exempt religious employers from a contraceptive care policy.

John Russo Industrial Sheetmetal awarded attorney's fees over 'junk claim' filed by LA World Airports

By Carrie Salls | Nov 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A state appellate court has upheld a ruling granting attorneys' fees in a claim a lower court called a "junk claim."

9th District court reinstates class action against USA Water Polo over athlete's concussion-related injury

By Karen Kidd | Nov 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A U.S. appeals court this week resuscitated a case against USA Water Polo for allegedly failing to protect a teenage athlete who was allowed to return to play despite suffering a concussion during a tournament in 2014.

Court reverses decision on asbestos case

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 24, 2018

A real estate developer that allegedly provided asbestos-laden pipes to a worker who later developed mesothelioma obtained a victory in court.

Charter Communications loses appeal over allegedly racially motivated denial of contract

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 23, 2018

Cable giant Charter Communications failed to have dismissed a lawsuit claiming the company declined to carry a channel due to African American proprietorship.

'Honey Badger' creator wins appeal on trademark case; rehearing granted

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 23, 2018

A YouTuber famous for the use of the expression "honey badger" in his videos won an appeal in a trademark case, overturning a previous summary judgment against his lawsuit suing greeting cards companies.

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