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Plaintiff agrees to cap damages at $75,000 instead of $5 million in Walmart falling tables case

LOS ANGELES – A lawsuit involving Wal-Mart and a woman who alleged she was injured at a store has been remanded from the federal court back to Los Angeles Superior Court.

Kernwood/Forbes Press alleged to owe more than $500,000 to pension plan

LOS ANGELES – A multi-employer pension plan alleges that a corporation organized under Massachusetts law failed it pay its withdrawal liability payments.

Consumer alleges Cavalry Portfolio Services unlawfully contacted him after revoking consent to be called

SACRAMENTO – A consumer claims a debt collector continued to contact him dispute knowing he was represented by counsel.

Professional Printers alleged to owe more than $200,000 in withdrawal liability assessments

LOS ANGELES – A multi-employer pension plan alleges a dissolved corporation organized under Colorado laws breached a bargaining agreement.

Galt business alleged to have defaulted on loan with First Home Bank

SACRAMENTO – A Florida banking corporation alleges an individual and business in Galt defaulted on a loan.

Consumer claims texts from Investor’s Business Daily, MarketSmith are unwanted

SACRAMENTO – A Citrus Heights consumer alleges a Los Angeles corporation and its division send unsolicited text messages.

Long Beach business alleged to lack minimum required amount of accessible parking

LOS ANGELES – A paraplegic man alleges he has been deterred from visiting a Long Beach property because of a lack of accessible parking spaces.

California woman alleged to have been unjustly enriched at expense of investors

LOS ANGELES – A California woman is alleged to have knowingly accepted fraudulently obtained funds.

Consumer alleges Service Corp. International misleadingly markets services

FRESNO – A Visalia woman alleges the country's largest death care services provider misleadingly markets its services.

Woman alleges she could not access The Hotel Fresno because of barriers

FRESNO – An Arizona resident confined to a wheelchair has filed suit against a Fresno hotel over allegations she could not enter it to book a room because the property is not accessible.

Consumer claims Citibank continued to call after she revoked consent to be contacted

SACRAMENTO – A consumer alleges she revoked her consent to be contacted regarding an alleged debt and the debt collector continued to call.

City of San Diego alleged to have underpaid employees for overtime wages

SAN DIEGO – Current and former San Diego city employees allege that they were underpaid for their overtime hours.

Penny Saver Liquor alleged to have failed to maintain parking space for disabled customers

LOS ANGELES – A Lawndale business is alleged to have failed to maintain a parking space designated for persons with disabilities.

Vigen Holdings alleges individual failed to purchase painting worth $150 million as agreed

LOS ANGELES – A British Virgin Islands limited liability company is seeking more than $45 million from a California resident after the individual allegedly failed to purchase a painting.

Consumer claims discharged debt still appears on Equifax report

SACRAMENTO – A consumer alleges a debt discharged in a bankruptcy filing is still appearing on her credit report.

California court upholds $30 million judgment against Russian businessman

A California appeals court has upheld a Russian court’s $30 million judgment against a businessman who fled the country to seek political asylum in the United States.

Nana's Cookie Co. alleges NanaJoes name likely to confuse consumers

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego-based cookie company alleges a San Francisco granola maker is unlawfully using its marks.

Liminex alleged to have infringed Kajeet patents in GoGuardian products

LOS ANGELES – A Virginia company alleges that an El Segundo software developer has infringed its patents with some of its products.

Consumer claims Cap & Tee Factory has barriers that restrict access to disabled persons

SAN DIEGO – An El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego business is alleged to have barriers that restrict access to its amenities to consumers with disabilities.

Class action suit advances against Google, Huawei

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Tech giants Google and Huawei were dealt a significant blow as a federal district judge in California has dismissed a motion to abandon the proceedings of a class action lawsuit against the two companies for the widespread “bootlooping” controversy with the popular Nexus 6P cell phone.