San Francisco attorney Alice Brown Traeg has been disbarred by the California State Bar for violating conditions of probation imposed on her by the California Supreme Court in May 2016 following more than 30 years of discipline-free practice, according to a recent decision.

Traeg was charged with five violations of the conditions of two years' probation, which included a 30-day suspension, according to the state bar's decision and order of involuntary inactive enrollment filed June 26. Those conditions included meeting with an assigned probation deputy, submitting a medical waiver, obtaining mental and physical evaluations and submitting mental health reports, according to the decision.

The supreme court imposed that discipline on Traeg after she admitted to six counts of misconduct involving two separate client matters, according to the decision. That Traeg "engaged in multiple acts of misconduct and caused significant harm to the administration of justice" was considered an aggravating factor while her decades with no discipline was a mitigation, according to the decision.

Traeg failed to participate in person or via counsel and state bar's decision and order for disbarment was entered by default. In cases such as this, when an attorney fails to participate in a California State Bar disciplinary proceeding despite adequate notice and opportunity, the bar invokes Rule 5.85, which provides the procedure for the state bar to recommend an attorney’s disbarment.

The bar's decision is pending final action by the California Supreme Court, an appeal before the bar's Review Department or expiration of time in which parties to may request further review within the State Bar Court.

Traeg was admitted to the bar in California June 23, 1978, according to her profile on the state bar's website.

On Jan. 21, 2016, the state bar filed a decision and order sealing certain documents. That filing detailed the notice of disciplinary charges filed against her on Dec. 10, 2013, which was referred to the state bar court the following January. Traeg submitted a declaration to the court Jan. 27, 2014, "which established a nexus between Respondent’s mental health issue and her misconduct in this matter," that filing said.

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