Kamala Harris should sue Hastings, Howard

By The Northern California Record | Aug 17, 2016

Politicians these days are ever bolder in their overt hypocrisy.

They preach “family values,” while cheating on their spouse.

They claim to be “devoutly Catholic,” but take public positions opposing the most definitive church doctrine.

They decry “tax loopholes for the rich,” while personally taking advantage of them themselves.

They support gun control, but employ their own private armed security guards.

Once shameful, it’s now a standard practice to be a hypocrite, to preach one thing and practice another.

We were reminded of this trend last week, taking in U.S. Senate hopeful Kamala Harris’ call for “victims” of their college to “tell us your story,” so, in her current capacity as California Attorney General, she can help you sue them.

“I want to hear from you specifically,” Kamala coos on her campaign web site. “So that we can ensure millions of people in this country, particularly single parents, veterans, and the homeless, are not scammed into taking out thousands of dollars in student loan debt.“

If you are unhappy with what you learned or didn’t; with the lasting value of your college degree; with your college experience, Kamala Harris is suggesting you should go to court and sue.

That’s before she makes you her damsel in distress in a campaign commercial.

But Harris didn’t sue her own law school, Cal’s Hastings College of Law, when it didn’t prepare her for the California Bar Exam, which she failed.

Harris didn’t sue Howard University in Washington, D.C., which clearly didn’t prepare her for law school, which meant she wasn’t prepared for that California Bar Exam.

Harris wouldn’t sue her universities, but she is advising you to sue yours.

She should take the lead and file suit first against Hastings and Howard, herself.

She should make the argument that she was wronged-- that her undereducation was the fault of her professors, who “scammed” her into not learning enough-- and let us all know how it goes.

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