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The real public nuisance in California

Five years ago, at the close of a 13-year public nuisance case against ConAgra, et al. in which 10 California counties sought a billion-dollar judgment for lead paint abatement, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg urged defendants to give up.

Shouldn't employers pay for your every waking (and sleeping) hour?

If you have a full-time, minimum-wage job at Uncle Bob's Burger Balls and work eight hours a day, you get paid that minimum wage for eight hours, right? That's fair, isn't it?

JC Waugh Wine Co. LLC alleges its Six Degrees mark is being used without authorization

SAN FRANCISCO – A Napa winery alleges other wineries are marketing products using its trademark.

South Lake Tahoe sledder alleges he was burned by forest service fire

SACRAMENTO – An individual alleges he was burned while sledding because of a controlled fire conducted by a federal agency that was hidden and left burning.

Kamala Harris should sue Hastings, Howard

Politicians these days are ever bolder in their overt hypocrisy.

Urban Textile Inc. files copyright suit over fabric designs

LOS ANGELES – Two Irvine companies are accused of distributing items featuring a copyrighted textile design without authorization.

Our View: We can move to Texas, or we can fix California

When Rick Perry, then governor of Texas, made his infamous forays into California two years ago touting his state's superior business climate, it was hard not to feel aggrieved.

California company sues BitTorrent user over alleged copyright infringement

SACRAMENTO — Malibu Media, LLC, is suing an unknown BitTorrent user assigned IP address, alleging copyright infringement.

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules insurers for supplement suppliers not responsible for wrong probiotic

An insurer for a California probiotic supplier will not be required to cover damages from the supplier's incorporation of the wrong probiotic into a health supplement.

KHN Solutions alleges company infringed blood alcohol monitor patent

SAN FRANCISCO – A New York business is being sued by a San Francisco company over allegations it sells a similar blood alcohol monitoring device.

Teespring Inc. seeks declaratory judgment in patent dispute

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco company is seeking the court's help in a dispute with a Texas company regarding patents.

Personal care product makers sue over alleged fraudulent competition

FRESNO – The makers of personal care products are suing a competitor, alleging that they made false claims about their product.

Customer sues car manufacturer over alleged evasion of U.S. law

LOS ANGELES – A Laguna Niguel man is suing a car manufacturer over allegations it violated U.S. environmental law by putting a "defeat device" in its cars that would temporarily reduce emissions in order to pass inspection.

Radnet Employee Benefit Plan, plan administrator sued over alleged violation of ERISA

SAN FRANCISCO – A doctor has filed suit against his insurance company seeking disability benefits.

Woman alleges Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston wrongfully terminated benefits

SACRAMENTO – A Sacramento County woman alleges that her disability benefits were wrongfully terminated.

California woman alleges injuries in Highway 39 accident

SACRAMENTO – A Colfax woman has filed a suit against an Oregon woman over injuries allegedly sustained in an automobile accident.

TV manufacturers accused of invasion of privacy

SAN FRANCISCO – A Wisconsin man has filed a suit against two California companies alleging their televisions invade on consumers' privacy.

Movie company alleges copyright infringement

SACRAMENTO — Malibu Media LLC is suing an anonymous Internet user, alleging copyright infringement.

California company sues anonymous Internet user over alleged copyright infringement

SACRAMENTO — Malibu Media LLC is suing an anonymous Internet user, alleging copyright infringement.

San Francisco carriers sued over alleged damage to cargo

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Canadian companies are suing common carriers based in San Francisco alleging that they damaged a shipment during transport.