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UC on court ruling: Affirmative action contributes to 'greater equity and participation in public higher education'

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court on June 23 upheld the right of universities to factor race into admissions decisions in order to promote greater diversity on college campuses.

Oak Ridge HS parents, students campaign for principal's reinstatement in wake of lawsuit

SACRAMENTO – El Dorado Union High School District commissioners' decision to fire Oak Ridge High School principal Paul Burke has caused ructions among students, parents, teachers and school and district administrators.

Attorneys to meet in state court in wake of SCOTUS refusal to review Google's appeal

WASHINGTON – A massive civil court class-action lawsuit alleging that Google purposely misled and overcharged advertisers for online ads that were placed on error pages and inactive "parked" websites is advancing in the wake of a June 6 Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision not hear Google's appeal to put a halt to the case.

U.S. district court shuts down Sacramento soy sauce, tofu plant

FRESNO – The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California on June 24 issued a permanent injunction that shuts down the operations of Wa Heng Dou-Fu & Soy Sauce Corp., a Sacramento-based manufacturer and distributor of soy sauce and tofu. 

Watchdog group publishes PUC Papers website

SANTA MONICA – California citizens' rights group Consumer Watchdog recently created an online portal where it published more than 100,000 emails and other digital documents chronicling alleged misdeeds and corruption among utility executives, attorneys, Wall Street investment bankers and Gov. Jerry Brown's administration.

Top Silicon Valley M&A attorney changes ships

SAN FRANCISCO – Andrew Luh was recently named to lead Gunderson Dettmer's Global M&A Practice Group.