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Man tries again at lawsuit alleging Synthes' surgical implant was defective

A Johnson & Johnson-owned company will face another lawsuit over a defective surgical implant device used to assist in the repair of broken bones after a man has amended his lawsuit, naming the company as the defendant responsible for his injuries nearly three years after the lawsuit began.

9th Circuit seeks answers from D.C. court in bankruptcy case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit on Feb. 27 issued an order to stay a case until the District of Columbia Court of Appeals can answer three certified questions the 9th Circuit says will determine how to rule in a bankruptcy case.

California appellate court reverses ruling for ex-ranch worker who alleged years of unpaid work

SAN FRANCISCO -- A former ranch worker has won his appeal against his former employer for unpaid wages and overtime compensation.

Ford accused of faulty transmissions; judges order case to be consolidated in California

More than 100 plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against Ford Motor Company to claim a transmission in certain Ford models is defective.

Audi, Volkswagen move to dismiss lawsuit over 'defeat devices'

Audi and Volkswagen recently filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to dismiss a class-action lawsuit against them, claiming the class of the plaintiffs’ complaints have nothing to do with Audi’s gasoline engines and are based just on information connected to the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal.

9th Circuit denies Cinemark’s motion to dismiss improper wage lawsuit

Former workers of Cinemark will have an opportunity once again to seek class certification of their lawsuit after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied the company's motion to dismiss the certification for lack of jurisdiction and said the district court erred in denying class status.

9th Circuit remands case against company running bad-check diversion program

The case against a private company that runs a program for fraudulent check writers will continue after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed its motions to strike claims under the anti-strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) statute and to compel arbitration.

California appellate court reverses decision in Bakersfield oil refinery case

Several groups who came together with the “Association of Irritated Residents” won their appeal of a trial court decision that approved the Kern County plan with Alon USA Energy to double the volume of local oil refinery Nov. 21 in the Fifth District Court of Appeal.

Holocaust victim’s heirs win 16-year battle for Nazi-stolen art in Madrid museum

On July 10, the Court of Appeals ruled that the heirs of a Pissaro painting taken by Nazis during the holocaust may sue the Madrid museum holding the painting, after a 16-year legal battle.

San Rafael resident accuses city of impounding vehicles without warning

The California’s Supreme Court ruled June 5 that requiring an individual to pay a property tax to bring a suit against a local government entity unfairly limits a person’s rights.

California Supreme Court rules taxpayers cannot claim no ownership to avoid tax assessment

The California Supreme Court recently ruled that California taxpayers will no longer be able to claim that they do not own a property to avoid the assessment appeal process when seeking a reduction of a tax assessment.

Appeals court rules that former Neiman Marcus employee could be entitled to monetary damages in disability suit

The U.S Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that former Neiman Marcus employee Taylor Bayer was entitled to receive nominal damages in his suit that alleged violations of the Americans with Disability Act.

Appeals court rules against First Resort in suit against San Francisco ordinance

The California Ninth District Court of Appeal recently ruled in favor of the City of San Francisco to dismiss a claim by pregnancy center First Resort that a city ordinance violates its constitutional right to free speech.

Overstock to pay $6.8 million for false advertising after California court rejects appeal

The California First District Court of Appeals recently rejected an appeal by online retailer that argued that the circuit court imposed excessive penalties.

California First District Court of Appeal rules in favor of arbitration in alleged kickback scheme

A California appeals court recently reversed a trial court’s decision to reject arbitration requests over allegations of kickback payments made to real estate brokers over the sale of homes.

California Department of Conservation to go back to trial over alleged evasion of environmental laws

The California Fifth District Court of Appeal recently ruled that a district court erred in its decision to dismiss a case involving allegations that the California Department of Conservation, Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) did not conduct an environmental review before issuing permits for 214 new oil wells in Kern County.

Appeals court rules against Antelope Valley Union High School District over disabled student's educational program

A federal appeals court recently reversed a lower court’s decision to rule in favor of Antelope Valley Union High School District over a dispute involving a disabled student’s specialized educational program.

Court dismisses appeal alleging Transport Union Workers of America acted in bad faith

SAN FRANCISCO – A group of retired union members has lost their suit against Transport Union Workers of America (TWU), where they alleged that they were unfairly excluded from their portion of the equity percentage of a bankruptcy settlement.

Appeals court rules in favor of ReconTrust in debt collection case

Vien-Phuong Thi Ho, a California woman, recently lost her suit against deed holder ReconTrust after alleging the company violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by engaging in deceptive debt collection processes and misrepresenting the amount she owed on her Long Beach home.

Supreme Court sides with tenure-track professor, denies anti-SLAPP motion by California State University

LOS ANGELES — A former tenure-track professor at California State University is continuing a lawsuit against the university for allegedly denying tenure because of his national origin, also claiming the school failed to provide a non-discriminating workplace.