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Court grants more than $48,000 to Franklin Resources in taxes relating to stock suit

By Takesha Thomas | May 6, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal court has ruled that more than $40,000 in taxes are appropriate in a case regarding stocks.

Judge sets rules for notifying potential class members in Chipotle GMO suit

By Takesha Thomas | Apr 19, 2019

OAKLAND – A federal court has approved, in part, the notice plan for a class action suit involving Chipotle Mexican Grill and its non-genetically modified organism claims.

Court approves $800K settlement in wage class action against Interstate Hotel & Resorts

By Takesha Thomas | Mar 7, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal district court has approved a class action settlement in a suit filed by employees of Interstate Hotels & Resorts over pay.

Court grants partial summary judgment in insurance dispute with Crum & Forester Specialty Insurance, contractor

By Takesha Thomas | Mar 7, 2019

SAN DIEGO – An insurance company has won part of a summary judgment in a case involving a breach of contract claim by a contractor in a dispute over insurance coverage.

Judge grants motion to dismiss San Diego woman's product liability suit against Abbott Laboratories

By Takesha Thomas | Feb 28, 2019

SAN DIEGO – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California recently granted a motion by Abbott Laboratories to dismiss a San Diego's woman's lawsuit that claimed she suffered injuries because of a failed medical device.

Federal judge approves preliminary settlement in Revel Systems overtime pay dispute

By Takesha Thomas | Feb 27, 2019

Employees say the company didn't pay overtime alleging they were exempt due to employment status

Supreme Court affirms part of ruling against City of Carson over potential NFL stadium

By Takesha Thomas | Feb 24, 2019

A company initially hired to assist in the negotiations to bring a National Football League stadium to the City of Carson has won, in part, an anti-SLAPP appeal against the city.

Court grants partial judgement to beauty manufacturer in breach of contract case

By Takesha Thomas | Feb 24, 2019

A beauty product manufacturer has been granted, in part, a motion for default judgment in a breach of contract lawsuit.

Court grants dismissal of SPF-labeling class action against CVS

By Takesha Thomas | Feb 22, 2019

A federal court has granted CVS Pharmacy's motion to dismiss a class-action complaint over its sunscreen.

Court upholds denial of writ petition challenging approval of project in Helena

By Takesha Thomas | Jan 31, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – Two neighborhood groups have lost an appeal in a suit over the planned development of a residential building in Helena.

Appeals court upholds prescriptive easement allowing access to path leading to MacKerricher State Park

By Takesha Thomas | Jan 30, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – California's First District Court of Appeal recently affirmed a Mendocino County Superior Court ruling that granted a homeowner, who also rents the property on Airbnb, access to a path that runs along a neighbor's property line and leads MacKerricher State Park.

Appeals court affirms ruling that 244 attorneys in VW 'clean diesel' case are not entitled to recoup fees

By Takesha Thomas | Jan 30, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit recently affirmed a district court ruling that determined a group of 244 attorneys seeking to recoup attorneys' fees from a class action suit regarding emission test "defeat devices" in certain Volkswagen an Audi diesel vehicles.

Appeals court sides with lawyer to have her wrongful termination claim heard in court

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 13, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – California's 1st District Court of Appeal recently ordered that lawsuit involving an attorney who alleges that she was denied advancement and work opportunities be sent back to San Francisco County Superior Court for review.

DuPont to pay $3.5M settlement in titanium dioxide class action

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 9, 2018

A court has approved a $3.5-million settlement in a class-action lawsuit targeting DuPont over a titanium dioxide price-fixing claim.

Judge denies Ford's request to dismiss class action over allegedly defective door latches

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 9, 2018

A California court has denied a request from the Ford Motor Company to dismiss parts of an amended complaint in a class-action lawsuit over allegedly defective door latches.

Blue Shield wins partial judgement in reimbursement case with NorthBay

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 9, 2018

Blue Shield has won a partial summary judgement in California court over claims of unfair business practices.

Court grants part of Nissan motion in Altima defect case

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 9, 2018

Nissan has won part of a motion to dismiss class-action claims against the carmaker involving alleged defects in its Altima brand.

Plaintiffs' proposal regarding discovery request in 'zombie cookie' suit against Turn approved

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 9, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A magistrate judge has approved the slightly modified proposal of plaintiffs in a case against a mobile marketing company regarding discovery requests.

Court denies summary judgement in class action against Ocean Spray

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 8, 2018

A class-action lawsuit against Ocean Spray will now move forward in a case over the alleged use of synthetic acids in drinks labeled as "100%" with no artificial flavorings.

Obata Descendants Remain Sole Heirs to Estates of two sisters

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 30, 2018

California probate law recognizes Japanese "yoshi-engumi" as an “adoption,” appeals court rules

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