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Holiday Inn will go to trial for damages from rape after receptionist allegedly gave key to perpetrator

By Tricia Erickson | Apr 3, 2017

SANTA ANA, Calif. — A California judge has denied Holiday Inn’s request to dismiss a complaint filed on behalf of a rape victim claiming damages for an incident that occurred at the hotel after the receptionist allegedly gave a room key to the perpetrator without asking for proper identification.

Issues with police videos bring judges, journalist and lawyers together for conference

By Tricia Erickson | Mar 28, 2017

The 2017 9th Circuit Central District of California Media Conference was designed to bring together judges, lawyers and journalist to discuss the complex issues surrounding when police shootings or excessive force is caught on video.

California city's case involving video release of police shooting dismissed by appeals court

By Tricia Erickson | Mar 24, 2017

GARDENA, Calif. — A federal appeals court recently dismissed a California city’s claim that a judge prematurely released video of a fatal police shooting of an unarmed man.

Former exotic dancers seek minimum-wage payment from California club

By Tricia Erickson | Jan 30, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — Two former exotic dancers in San Francisco are among the latest to join the growing number of dancers pursuing litigation against clubs for alleged violation of labor laws.

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