SAN FRANCISCO – A woman alleges she needed medical treatment after a collision in San Francisco.

Geraldine Tolon filed a complaint on April 30 in the Superior Court of California - County of San Francisco against Stephen Coffey and Andrus Valvur over alleged violation of the California Vehicle Code.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that on April 30, 2016, while driving at the intersection of Great Highway and Irving Street in San Francisco, she was struck by Valvur's vehicle, which was being driven by defendant Coffrey at time of the collision. 

As a result, Tolon claims she suffered severe injuries to her back, neck and knees and needed hospital and medical care.

The plaintiff holds Coffey and Valvur responsible because the Coffey allegedly made an improper left hand turn.

The plaintiff seeks judgment for compensatory damages according to proof. She is represented by Linda Ross and Jennifer Zarich of Law Offices of Linda Ross in San Francisco.

Superior Court of California - County of San Francisco case number CGC18566154

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