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Fresno company alleges customer owes $353,000

FRESNO — A Fresno limited partnership is suing a customer, alleging breach of contract.

Professional photographer accuses law firm of copyright infringement

LOS ANGELES — A professional photographer is suing a commercial law firm, alleging copyright infringement.

Customer accuses Los Angeles business of disability discrimination

LOS ANGELES — A disabled woman is suing a Los Angeles business property owner, alleging disability discrimination.

Employee alleges Israeli company failed to pay retainer fee

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles County man is suing an Israeli company, alleging breach of contract.

Clothing company accuses competitor of trademark infringement

LOS ANGELES — An Agoura Hills, California, clothing corporation is suing a Texas competitor, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Widow blames Air France for husband's death

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles County woman is suing Air France, alleging negligence and wrongful death.

Hermosa Beach firefighters allege department failed to pay overtime

LOS ANGELES — Hermosa Beach firefighters are suing their department, alleging breach of contract in failing to pay overtime.

Disabled customer accuses Burger King of discrimination

LOS ANGELES — A disabled California woman is suing Burger King, alleging disability discrimination.

Family accuses motorist of causing crash

FRESNO — A vehicle driver and passengers are suing another motorist, alleging the defendant's negligent driving caused injuries.

Consumer alleges debt collectors violated due process

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego County man is suing debt collectors, citing alleging harassment and forgery.

Couple alleges Ford Fusion contained variety of malfunctions

FRESNO — A Madera couple is suing Ford, alleging breach of implied warranty.

Driver, passenger blame another motorist for crash

FRESNO — A vehicle driver and passenger are suing another motorist, alleging negligence led to a crash that injured the plaintiffs.

Former employee accuses restaurant chain of disability discrimination

SAN DIEGO — A former employee is suing a restaurant chain, alleging disability discrimination and wrongful termination.

Wheelchair user accuses Valvoline store owner of disability discrimination

SAN DIEGO — A California man who uses a wheelchair is suing an owner of a San Diego Valvoline facility, alleging disability discrimination.

Fresno County car owner alleges company refuses to return his vehicle

FRESNO — A Fresno County vehicle owner is suing an automobile restoration company, alleging breach of contract.

Couple alleges child care business owes $400,000 for breach of contract

FRESNO — A Fresno County couple is suing a non-profit foster family agency, alleging it owes $400,000 for breach of contract.

Former partner allegedly owes $150,000

FRESNO — A California woman is suing her former business partner, alleging refusal to apply payments of more than $150,000.

Motorist alleges another driver caused collision

FRESNO — A Fresno County motorist is suing other drivers, alleging negligence resulted in a crash that led to injuries.

Fresno property owner accuses co-owner of breach of contract

FRESNO — A Fresno property owner is suing her co-owner of three properties, alleging breach of contract.

Auto financing company alleges California company owes at least $66,000

FRESNO — An automobile financing company is suing a California corporation, alleging it owes more than $66,000 for breach of contracts.