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Consumer alleges Capital One Bank continued to call after she revoked consent

SAN DIEGO – A Chula Vista resident alleges she has received 40 collection calls from a debt collector after she revoked her consent to be contacted.

Pedestrian seeks damages after he was struck in San Francisco crosswalk

SAN FRANCISCO – A pedestrian is seeking damages from a motorist who allegedly failed to yield and struck him while walking in a San Francisco crosswalk.

Individual seeks damages after collision at San Francisco intersection

SAN FRANCISCO – A man alleges he was injured when his vehicle was struck in San Francisco.

Tesla Model X owner alleges driver negligently engaged autopilot mode, struck Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza

SAN FRANCISCO – The owner of a Tesla vehicle alleges a driver who rented the car caused more than $35,000 in damages when he collided with a toll plaza.

San Francisco condo unit owner alleges tenants of neighboring unit make 'severe' levels of noise

SAN FRANCISCO – A condo unit owner has filed a suit against the owners of a neighboring unit over the alleged noise made by their tenants.

Pedestrian alleges San Francisco property owners failed to maintain raised sidewalk that caused fall

SAN FRANCISCO – A pedestrian alleges that owners of a property are responsible for a portion of raised sidewalk that caused her to fall.

Woman seeks damages over San Francisco auto accident

LOS ANGELES – A woman alleges she was injured in a collision at a San Francisco intersection.

Woman alleges she was injured when driver struck vehicle when making U-turn in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – A woman alleges she was injured when a driver made a U-turn and struck her vehicle in San Francisco.

Woman alleges driver made improper turn, caused collision in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – A woman alleges she needed medical treatment after a collision in San Francisco.

Consumer alleges Advance America does not have accessible parking for disabled customers

LOS ANGELES – A wheelchair user alleges he was denied full access to a Hawthorne business because of barriers in the parking lot.

Lawndale bistro alleged to not have ADA-compliant parking

LOS ANGELES – A Lawndale business is alleged to not have accessible parking spaces for customers with disabilities.

Consumer claims Capital One Bank did not have consent to call him for collection purposes

LOS ANGELES – A Monrovia, California resident alleges a debt collector called him more than 100 times after he asked for the calls to cease.

Man alleges Lawndale business does not have ADA complaint parking space

LOS ANGELES – A wheelchair user alleges a Lawndale restaurant denied him full and equal access to its amenities because of the condition of its parking lot.

U.S. labor secretary alleges Los Angeles companies failed to pay overtime wages

LOS ANGELES – Two Los Angeles recycling centers are alleged to have failed to pay their employees overtime wages.

Wheelchair user alleges Casa Rio's Restaurant does not have ADA-compliant parking

LOS ANGELES – An Inglewood restaurant is alleged to not have compliant parking for patrons with disabilities.

Man alleges Capital One called 117 times after he revoked consent

LOS ANGELES – A Montebello, California resident alleges a Virginia debt collector called him more than 100 times after he requested it to stop.

Young and Associates alleged to owe more than $100,000 in contributions

LOS ANGELES – A San Marino company is alleged to owe contributions to labor-management multiemployer trusts.

Consumer alleges I.Q. Data International ignored cease and desist letter

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles County woman alleges a debt collector is attempting to collect an alleged debt she claims is not valid.

Tractor-trailer driver alleges he was injured in collision in Louisiana with Patiala Express truck

SACRAMENTO – A California man is seeking damages from a Bakersfield company and a Las Vegas woman over alleged damages sustained in a Louisiana collision

Man seeks damages from Potrero Ventures, others after falling through roof

SAN FRANCISCO – A man alleges he suffered brain injuries after falling through an open lightwell in the roof of a San Francisco building.