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Kernwood/Forbes Press alleged to owe more than $500,000 to pension plan

LOS ANGELES – A multi-employer pension plan alleges that a corporation organized under Massachusetts law failed it pay its withdrawal liability payments.

Professional Printers alleged to owe more than $200,000 in withdrawal liability assessments

LOS ANGELES – A multi-employer pension plan alleges a dissolved corporation organized under Colorado laws breached a bargaining agreement.

California woman alleged to have been unjustly enriched at expense of investors

LOS ANGELES – A California woman is alleged to have knowingly accepted fraudulently obtained funds.

City of San Diego alleged to have underpaid employees for overtime wages

SAN DIEGO – Current and former San Diego city employees allege that they were underpaid for their overtime hours.

Nana's Cookie Co. alleges NanaJoes name likely to confuse consumers

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego-based cookie company alleges a San Francisco granola maker is unlawfully using its marks.

Liminex alleged to have infringed Kajeet patents in GoGuardian products

LOS ANGELES – A Virginia company alleges that an El Segundo software developer has infringed its patents with some of its products.

Consumer claims Cap & Tee Factory has barriers that restrict access to disabled persons

SAN DIEGO – An El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego business is alleged to have barriers that restrict access to its amenities to consumers with disabilities.

Store clerk alleges Dollar Tree failed to pay proper wages

LOS ANGELES — A store clerk is suing Dollar Tree, alleging unpaid wages.

Patient accuses Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital of improper care

SAN DIEGO — A patient is suing a major San Francisco hospital, alleging negligence and breach of duty.

Customer accuses Wal-Mart of false advertising

SAN FRANCISCO — A customer has filed a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart, alleging false advertisement and unjust enrichment.

Policy holder alleges insurance company breached contract

SAN DIEGO — A policy holder is suing North American Life, alleging breach of an insurance policy contract.

Store clerk alleges Dollar Tree failed to pay proper wages

LOS ANGELES — A store clerk is suing Dollar Tree, alleging unpaid wages.

Disabled customer accuses Whittier property owner of disability discrimination

LOS ANGELES — A disabled California man who requires a wheelchair for mobility is suing a Whittier property owner, alleging disability discrimination.

Pennsylvania business seeks return of $625,000 in property deal

LOS ANGELES — A Pennsylvania company is suing a New York business, alleging breach of contract in a property transaction.

Consumer seeks to update credit report, remove alleged debt

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles County consumer is suing a debt collector, alleging misrepresentation in collection.

Disabled customer alleges Baldwin Park restaurant violated ADA standards

LOS ANGELES — A disabled customer is suing the owners of a Baldwin Park restaurant, alleging disability discrimination.

Passenger blames Princess Cruises for injuries

LOS ANGELES — A New Jersey passenger is suing Princess Cruises, alleging negligence in allowing a ship's stair to remain slippery, leading to injuries for the plaintiff.

British artist alleges greeting card company copied her designs without consent

LOS ANGELES — A British artist is suing a greeting card company, alleging copyright infringement.

Father blames Bakersfield police for son's death

SACRAMENTO — A father is suing a Bakersfield police officer, alleging breach of duty in causing the wrongful death of the plaintiff's son.

Energy company accuses NCR of patent infringement

SAN DIEGO — An energy company with its main office in San Diego is suing NCR, alleging patent infringement.