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Civil advocacy group calls for stronger privacy protection after Facebook data scandal

Advocacy group calls for stronger privacy protection after Facebook, Cambridge data scandal

Former Alimera Sciences employee files workplace discrimination suit

SAN FRANCISCO — A former Alimera Sciences employee has filed a workplace discrimination suit in the Northern District of California, claiming the biopharmaceutical company terminated her because of her pregnancy.

South Carolina woman files class-action suit in Facebook, Cambridge data breach

SAN FRANCISCO — A South Carolina woman has sued Facebook and a data analytics firm over the firm's gathering of private data from up to 87 million people through the social network.

Judge affirms dismissal of TCPA lawsuit over patient survey calls

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge has affirmed the dismissal of a putative class action lawsuit accusing a California marketing company of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by repeatedly calling a medical group's patients.

Judge dismisses age discrimination case against Stanford University

SAN JOSE – A federal judge has dismissed an age discrimination lawsuit against Stanford University because the plaintiff failed to state "a plausible claim."

Foster Wheeler's request for summary judgment in asbestos suit rejected

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has denied a shipyard company's request for summary judgment in an asbestos exposure lawsuit brought by the estate of a worker who worked in the company's boiler rooms.

Judge: California health care department exempt from dormant Commerce Clause

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge has reversed a district court's decision in a lawsuit brought by hospitals outside but near the California border against the state Department of Health Care Services.

Fitbit, Nike, others win lawsuit over data uploading patent

OAKLAND —A federal judge has thrown out lawsuits against Fitbit, Garmin, GoPro, Nike and other companies alleging they had infringed a data uploading patent, saying the technology described in the patent were abstract ideas and not inventive concepts.

Court affirms staffing agency Aerotek isn’t liable for client’s alleged failure to provide meal breaks

SAN FRANCISCO – The 1st Appellate District, Division of the California Court of Appeal has ruled that a temporary staffing agency doesn’t need to police its client’s meal periods.

California Supreme Court rules that dissolved law firm has no claim to profits from ex-partners

SAN FRANCISCO – A ruling out of the California Supreme Court will help settle a long-simmering dispute between a dissolved law firm and its former members who moved on to other firms and brought their cases with them.

Federal judge dismisses asbestos-related personal injury suit against Foster Wheeler

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge has dismissed an asbestos-related personal injury suit against an engineering company at the plaintiff's request.

Court approves $125 million settlement in LendingClub shareholder suit

SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge has approved a $125 million settlement of multiple class-action suits brought by the shareholders of LendingClub.

California court upholds $30 million judgment against Russian businessman

A California appeals court has upheld a Russian court’s $30 million judgment against a businessman who fled the country to seek political asylum in the United States.