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California State Assembly bill to cut back on Proposition 65 cases receives support

By S. Laney Griffo | May 29, 2017

A California State Assembly member is confident his bill to cut back on Proposition 65 cases will pass now that he has amended the bill.

Appellate court denies appeal of dismissal

By S. Laney Griffo | Apr 14, 2017

A California appellate court dismissed an appeal of a lower court’s decision to throw out a case after the plaintiff's attorney missed the hearing.

CALA to follow legislative session to protect small business owners

By S. Laney Griffo | Apr 10, 2017

SACRAMENTO — With the California legislative session in full swing, California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse has found a series of bills it is supporting and opposing in order to prevent courts from being clogged and to protect small business owners.

Record-breaking settlement approved in California workers' compensation case

By S. Laney Griffo | Apr 4, 2017

LOS ANGELES — A workers' compensation judge recently approved to a record-breaking, $10 million settlement in a California case

Five professors urge Stanford to reinstate dismissed attorney

By S. Laney Griffo | Mar 15, 2017

STANFORD, Calif. — Five Stanford professors have urged the university to reinstate an outside attorney who was dismissed for comments she made against the school’s handling of sexual-assault complaints. 

Hoopa Valley Tribe has a 'monumental victory' in court

By S. Laney Griffo | Mar 3, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO - The Hoopa Valley Tribe enjoyed a significant win when the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that more water must be released into the Klamath River.

Silicon Legal expects continued growth in 2017 after hiring six new associates last year

By S. Laney Griffo | Jan 18, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Legal Strategy added several new members to their legal team after seeing a bump in clients in 2016 – and one of its founders thinks 2017 will bring more growth.

Eastern District of California collects $49 million through criminal, civil actions

By S. Laney Griffo | Jan 11, 2017

SACRAMENTO — The Eastern District of California collected $49 million in criminal and civil enforcement actions and, with the help of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other offices, an additional $3 billion in fiscal year 2016.

Alaska Airlines settles antitrust case

By S. Laney Griffo | Dec 18, 2016

Plaintiffs in the case against the acquisition of Virgin America by Alaska Airlines agreed to settle on Dec. 7.

California Franchise Tax Board will take action on pending claims

By S. Laney Griffo | Nov 27, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO -- California's franchise tax board (FTB) has announced actions it will take in cases that were being held up pending a decision in the Gillette Company & Subs v. California Franchise Tax Board case.

Judicate West expands Northern California operations

By S. Laney Griffo | Nov 14, 2016

SACRAMENTO -- Judicate West has expanded its operations in Northern California with the recent opening of its Sacramento office.

Trucking company Schneider settles in alleged wage dispute class-action suit

By S. Laney Griffo | Nov 13, 2016

OAKLAND -- Schneider National Carriers Inc. has signed a $28 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit brought against it by a group of truck drivers.

Mental health diagnosis emerges during kidnapping case

By S. Laney Griffo | Oct 23, 2016

SACRAMENTO -- Former attorney Matthew Muller pled guilty to kidnapping Denise Huskins in a California court last month, but a mental health diagnosis emerged during court proceedings.

Multistate Tax Compact declared nonbinding in California

By S. Laney Griffo | Oct 21, 2016

CALIFORNIA – The Gillette Company is out of options in their case against California Franchise Tax Board after the United States Supreme Court denied their appeal.

California court denies request for new trial in Google fair use case

By S. Laney Griffo | Oct 17, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO - Google celebrated another victory against Oracle America last month when the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California denied Oracle's request for a new trial in the ongoing battle over Google's use of Oracle's Java application programming interfaces (APIs).

Court approves environmental report for proposed Tehachapi Walmart

By S. Laney Griffo | Sep 26, 2016

FRESNO – The 5th District Court of Appeals in Fresno ruled last month in favor of the city of Tehachapi for the proposed building of a Walmart. The appeal came after the city addressed several environmental concerns about the project.

Survey: Law firms see lateral hiring as 'good way' to raise profits

By S. Laney Griffo | Sep 23, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – A recent survey of lawyers across the United States and Canada done by Robert Half Legal shows firms are increasingly looking to hire laterally.

Employers cannot enforce arbitration agreements, according to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision

By S. Laney Griffo | Sep 15, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – The California 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that employers can no longer enforce class-action waivers in arbitration agreements signed by their employees.

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