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Jury awards plaintiff in case against J&J, Colgate Palmolive $12 million

By Ann Maher | Jun 12, 2019

OAKLAND - A jury has awarded a 61-year-old woman $12 million in damages in a verdict against Johnson & Johnson and Colgate Palmolive announced Wednesday.

Judge sanctions plaintiff attorney in Roundup trial for misconduct in opening statements

By Ann Maher | Feb 27, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO - U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria slapped plaintiff's attorney Aimee Wagstaff with a $500 sanction for delving into forbidden territory in opening statements at trial involving weedkiller Roundup.

After judge erupts, plaintiff lawyer in Roundup case at trial pleads for no sanctions

By Ann Maher | Feb 26, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO - Facing sanctions for conduct during opening arguments Monday in the high profile case against Monsanto's Roundup, plaintiff attorney Aimee Wagstaff is asking the judge to hold off.

Roundup trial set to begin at federal court in San Francisco

By Ann Maher | Feb 25, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO - Trial is set to begin today at U.S. District Court involving claims that weedkiller Roundup caused a man's non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Jurors in mock cosmetic talc trial find in favor of plaintiff, but damages pale in comparison to real life

By Ann Maher | Jul 20, 2018

LOS ANGELES - Mock jurors returned a verdict in favor of a fictitious plaintiff who worked at a talc mining and milling facility 50 years ago, but unlike real court judgments awarding men and women millions in economic damages and recently billions in punitive damages, this jury of nine awarded less than $1 million, all in, to the mesothelioma victim and his wife.

Class action challenges cities' for profit prosecution scheme; One paid $6K in atty fees over $225 ticket

By Ann Maher | Feb 23, 2018

RIVERSIDE - An Indio property owner has filed a civil rights class action seeking to vindicate the rights of people who have been criminally prosecuted for municipal ordinance violations and then charged thousands of dollars to cover the alleged cost of their own prosecution.

California Supreme Court denies review of public nuisance lead paint decision

By Ann Maher | Feb 15, 2018

SACRAMENTO - The Supreme Court of California has denied review of an approximate $600 million judgment that holds major paint companies responsible for remediating lead paint across the state.

Ballot initiative would provide $2 billion fund for statewide remediation of wide range of hazards

By Ann Maher | Jan 25, 2018

SACRAMENTO - A ballot initiative to fund a $2 billion bond for statewide remediation of lead paint, mold, asbestos, radon, pests, and other environmental hazards in homes, schools and senior citizen facilities will protect home values and alleviate a state housing crisis, supporters believe.

Manufacturers' group calls ExxonMobil's move toward counter-suing a 'win'

By Ann Maher | Jan 11, 2018

A group that backs the interests of energy producers calls ExxonMobil's recent move toward counter-suing parties involved in California climate change litigation a "win" for manufacturers.

Seeds of anti-Exxon campaign were planted at 2012 climate change conference, company says

By Ann Maher | Jan 9, 2018

LA JOLLA - A 2012 climate change conference in La Jolla, Calif., was designed to impose a uniform perspective on climate policy that has resulted in abuses of government power, according to a major oil producer that says it's been unfairly targeted.

Report: Over-regulation and litigation could threaten innovation as commercial drone use takes off

By Ann Maher | Apr 3, 2017

MENLO PARK - Liability challenges over the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are expected to grow as the skies become thoroughfares for millions of commercial and recreational drones in the coming years

Litigation is not the way to improve cyber security, corporate defense attorney says

By Ann Maher | Mar 31, 2017

MENLO PARK - Embedded technology that collects and shares information from all kinds of everyday items may be improving quality of life, but the accompanying liability risks have legal experts predicting that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the next litigation target for the plaintiffs' bar.

Disruptive tech sector advised to self-regulate while policy makers and regulators try to catch up

By Ann Maher | Mar 30, 2017

MENLO PARK - Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes laid out terms of an accord with innovators of the U.S. tech industry on Wednesday, advising them that self-regulation will go a long way in keeping law enforcers away.He also paid tribute to what disruptive technologies are contributing in economic terms and in making life better, healthier and safer for everyone.

Activists working to 'freak out' moms is fueling litigation, says director of 'Culture of Alarmism Project'

By Ann Maher | Oct 6, 2016

SACRAMENTO - Courts in the Northern District of California are fertile ground for consumer class actions that take aim at commonly known products or brands that have been around for generations.

Oral arguments still not set in appeal of $1.15 billion lead paint case

By Ann Maher | Sep 30, 2016

SACRAMENTO - Paint manufacturers ordered to abate lead paint inside millions of private residences across the state still await hearing on appeal nearly three years since a trial court entered a $1.15 billion judgment.

Gov. Brown urged to veto anti-arbitration bill

By Ann Maher | Sep 8, 2016

SACRAMENTO - Governor Jerry Brown is being urged to veto a bill that critics say would eliminate arbitration as a practical option for parties who want to resolve disputes quickly, cost effectively and outside of a courtroom.

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