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California court approves $300,000 settlement in class-action lawsuit against Yahoo

By Chandra Lye | Nov 21, 2018

A U.S. District Court in California has made a final order in a class-action lawsuit against Yahoo! Inc. over automatically renewing subscriptions.

Court permits changes to allocation model for Volkswagen Indian Trust Fund

By Chandra Lye | Nov 20, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A U.S. district court has allowed changes to a trust fund set up by Volkswagen for emission mitigation projects among federally recognized Native American tribes.

Judge rules California Guild can't use California State Grange marks

By Chandra Lye | Aug 27, 2018

SACRAMENTO – U.S. District Court Eastern District of California Judge William B. Shubb made rulings on motions for summary judgment in a dispute between a national fraternal agricultural organization and a disaffiliated California group over the use of the Grange trademarks.

Daimler granted partial summary judgment in trademark violation case involving wheel sellers

By Chandra Lye | Aug 22, 2018

SAN DIEGO – The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California recently granted partial summary judgment to German-based Daimler in a trademark and patent infringement case.

Abercrombie agrees to proposed $9.6 million settlement in employee suit over call-in procedure

By Chandra Lye | Jul 26, 2018

LOS ANGELES – Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Company recently agreed to a proposed settlement in a lawsuit that claims labor violations at their retail stores in California.

Federal court ruling allows tribal gaming in Madera County

By Chandra Lye | Jul 23, 2018

FRESNO – A recent decision by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California will allow tribal gaming on an approximately 300-acre site in Madera County.

Federal court allows class action settlement against Danell Custom Harvesting

By Chandra Lye | Jul 18, 2018

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California approved a class action settlement for employees of Danell Custom Harvesting LLC on July 10.

California appeals court denies class action status in U.S. Bank National Association lawsuit

By Chandra Lye | Feb 15, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO – A California Court of Appeal denied a class action certification in a lawsuit against the U.S. Bank National Association on Jan. 17.

IRS accused of illegal sting operation

By Chandra Lye | Aug 10, 2017

A group of businesses who participated in an IRS scheme to catch those filing fraudulent tax returns has claimed they lost millions of dollars.

California Supreme Court upholds day of rest requirement in case against Nordstrom

By Chandra Lye | May 30, 2017

The California Supreme Court recently settled a dispute in a class-action lawsuit against Nordstrom regarding the California Labor Code’s day of rest requirement.

Judge denies permission for attorney to access former partner's server

By Chandra Lye | Apr 20, 2017

SAN JOSE — A judge for the U.S. District Court Northern District of California has denied an application for an attorney to access his former legal partner’s server.

State Bar files disciplinary charges against former LA city attorney

By Chandra Lye | Mar 5, 2017

LOS ANGELES — Disciplinary charges have been filed by the State Bar of California against the former city attorney of Los Angeles, Carmen Trutanich.

Dispute between Synopsys and ATopTech dismissed by district court

By Chandra Lye | Jan 10, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — A district court has dismissed a dispute over a copyright infringement between tech companies Synopsis and ATopTech.

University of San Francisco grad added to Judicate West's neutrals

By Chandra Lye | Jan 6, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO — Judicate West, a private dispute-resolution company, has added a University of San Francisco graduate to its list of neutrals.

Competing companies promise to 'vigorously' fight in trade-secrets lawsuit

By Chandra Lye | Dec 22, 2016

A showdown between two competing power-solution companies headquartered in California is set to play out before a Delaware court.

Settlement proves costly in case of pre-recorded phone calls

By Chandra Lye | Dec 1, 2016

&&&CALIFORNIA--The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California has approved the settlement terms of the class action lawsuit Stemple v. QC Holdings. The plaintiff, Paul Stemple, filed a complaint against QC Holdings alleging it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) by contacting him – and others – via cell phone.

State Farm ordered to refund rate inflations back to California policyholders

By Chandra Lye | Nov 26, 2016

SACRAMENTO — A court has ordered insurance company State Farm to repay California policyholders millions of dollars in a case that stems from a petition filed by the Consumer Federation of California (CFC) questioning the company’s decision to raise rates in July 2015.

More lawyers opting to work in a shared workspace instead of law offices in Bay Area

By Chandra Lye | Nov 23, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – There are more lawyers in the Bay Area who have opted for a shared workplace environment than in the local top law firms.

UC Davis hosts appeal court hearings

By Chandra Lye | Nov 14, 2016

DAVIS — University of California, Davis Law School hosted appellate court hearings in the school’s King Hall last month, giving students and the public an opportunity to see how the judicial system works.

DMV allegedly targeting low-income residents with license suspensions

By Chandra Lye | Nov 13, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO — The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has been sued by a group of civil rights and legal aid organizations who allege the department illegally suspended the driver’s licenses of low-income residents.

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