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New trademark law welcomed by company in dispute over Yosemite marks

By Sean Fowler | Sep 29, 2016

SACRAMENTO – A company involved with a copyright dispute case involving Yosemite National Park welcomes a potential new law designed to prevent the dispute, but is still more focused on the process of its case.

Senator Mitchell re-introduces bill to close property seizure loophole

By Sean Fowler | Jul 4, 2016

SACRAMENTO – A California senator has re-introduced a bill that she and others hope will tighten restrictions on police seizure of property.

Oracle v. Google case prepares for round two in 'World Series of Intellectual Property'

By Sean Fowler | May 27, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – As two Silicon Valley tech giants prepare to face off in court, experts are saying that it's nearly impossible to predict who will come out on top.

Lawyers and other professionals should remain calm in volatile stock market year

By Sean Fowler | May 22, 2016

MIAMI – It's been a volatile year for the United States stock market, falling below 16,000 in February before rebounding to more than 18,000 in April. For business professionals such as lawyers who have a lot invested, there's the temptation to pull their money out; however, that may not be the best idea.

Appeals court reverses teacher tenure ruling

By Sean Fowler | May 19, 2016

LOS ANGELES – California’s 2nd District Court of Appeal recently ruled that "the law is the law" when it comes to teacher tenure in the state, but this has some concerned about what the protections of that tenure means for students.

Silicon Valley agency works for housing as cities win in court

By Sean Fowler | May 12, 2016

SAN JOSE – A recent court ruling protecting cities that still have redevelopment agency funding is being hailed as a needed victory for those communities struggling with the closure of the agencies.

Proponents of ADA reform bill applaud its passage, but say it needs strengthening

By Sean Fowler | May 12, 2016

SACRAMENTO – When Gov. Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 269 into law, it was a big step toward making sure California businesses are making their facilities accessible to the disabled; however, to some this is only a beginning.

Advocate against 'shakedown lawsuits' and lead proponent of Prop 64 passes away

By Sean Fowler | Apr 7, 2016

SACRAMENTO – After a nearly 40-year career in California law and politics mainly fighting against personal injury lawsuit fraud, and a peaceful retirement, former Civil Justice Association of California president John Sullivan has died at 73.

Pacific Legal Foundation fights for equality under the law

By Sean Fowler | Apr 1, 2016

SACRAMENTO - At a panel on Affirmative Action held in February at the University of California Berkeley School of Law, three of the four panelists held generally the same positive opinion of the policy, but the fourth stood out for his differing view.

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