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Fresno alleges East Cambridge Avenue property owner has not paid penalties

FRESNO – The city of Fresno claims that the owner of a property in the city has failed to bring it into compliance with municipal code.

St. Anthony's of Padua guest alleges she fell on poorly lit staircase

FRESNO – A Fresno woman has filed a suit against a Catholic church after she fell on the premises.

Fresno alleges North Maple Avenue property owners failed to correct violations

FRESNO – The city of Fresno has filed a suit against a property owner it alleges has failed to correct code violations.

Individual claims he is owed money he provided to start Tower Sports Club

FRESNO – A Fresno County man alleges he was not reimbursed for money he provided to an individual to start a sports club.

Motorist seeks damages after McMullin Grade Road collision

FRESNO – A motorist is seeking damages caused by a driver who allegedly failed to yield to the right of way.