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Chula Vista attorney faces California disbarment by default over 2011 disbarment in Washington

Chula Vista attorney William Orval Guffey faces disbarment by default following a California State Bar recommendation over his 2011 disbarment in Washington state after allegations that included trust account irregularities and dishonesty.

Nordstrom employees' failed lawsuit refines 'day of rest' law

Although the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a district court's decision to dismiss Nordstrom employees' labor lawsuit, one plaintiff's lawyer said the case has still made strides in narrowing the definition of the ''day of rest'' law and improving employee fairness.

Fame 1 Computers Inc. alleged to have pirated Microsoft software

LOS ANGELES – Microsoft alleges a Tarzana computer and technology company pirated its software.

California Supreme Court upholds day of rest requirement in case against Nordstrom

The California Supreme Court recently settled a dispute in a class-action lawsuit against Nordstrom regarding the California Labor Code’s day of rest requirement.

Microsoft accused of copyright infringement by Media Rights Technologies

SAN FRANCISCO – A Santa Cruz corporation claims Microsoft unlawfully distributed its software.

M. Media accused of selling counterfeit Microsoft software online

LOS ANGELES – Microsoft claims a Walnut business is selling counterfeit copies of its software online.

Court dismisses patent infringement case against

SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has dismissed a suit against by Tridim Innovations alleging patent infringement.

Paramedic claims Camp Pendleton Fire Department failed to pay him overtime wages

SAN DIEGO — A rescue worker who supposedly worked 72 hours per week for almost 10 years has filed suit against his employers for allegedly failing to pay all overtime wages due to him for the past nine years.

Microsoft alleges Rockin man sells counterfeit versions of Office suite

SACRAMENTO – A software developer alleges a Rocklin individual has been selling counterfeit versions of its copyrighted software.

San Diego eatery accused of trademark infringement over sushi burrito name and logo

SAN DIEGO — A restaurant is suing competitor Raki Raki & Co. of San Diego, citing alleged trademark infringement for the name of its sushi burritos. 

Company alleges Los Angeles accounting firm prepared misleading reports

LOS ANGELES – A limited liability company alleges it was deceived into signing a lease for a store in a Washington mall because of the financial documents provided by a Los Angeles firm.

Firm alleges DSNR Media Group did not pay invoices

SAN FRANCISCO – An interactive media firm is suing a digital advertising network over allegations it did not pay for advertising inventory provided for it.

Microsoft, Homeland Security Secretary sued over summons

SAN FRANCISCO – An unnamed plaintiff alleges a well-known software corporation and the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security issued an unlawful summons.

Photographer sues over copyright infringement claims

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Carlos photographer is suing several businesses over claims his photo was used without his permission.

Class-action efforts to tackle alleged labor abuses gain ground in California

SAN FRANCISCO – In California, class-action lawsuits have begun to spring up against supposed corporate negligence, aiming to shine light on human trafficking and slavery in supply chains. Their end goals: transparency and accountability.