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Woman sues insurance company alleging denial of benefits

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco woman claims her late husband's insurance company wrongfully denied her benefits claim.

Los Angeles company claims copyright violation

SAN FRANCISCO – A Los Angeles media company is suing an unknown person over claims that the defendant knowingly violated copyright law by distributing unauthorized copies of its works.

Farm workers sue vineyard owners over alleged violation of FLSA

SACRAMENTO – Farm workers who were hired to work in a vineyard are suing their employer over allegations of unpaid wages.

Customer sues Wal-Mart over allegedly false advertising

SAN JOSE – A San Mateo County man has filed a class-action suit against a retail chain, alleging it wrongfully labels certain brands of its cheese products.

Hartford Life Insurance Co. accused of violating of ERISA

SACRAMENTO – A former human resources manager is suing her insurance company over claims it unlawfully denied her claims for long-term disability benefits.

Winery files suit alleging trademark infringement

SAN FRANCISCO – A Santa Rosa company is suing a winery alleging that it unlawfully used the plaintiff's mark to advertise its product on the market.

R & T Heating and Sheet Metal Co. accused of not paying contributions

SAN FRANCISCO – A California company is being accused of breaching a bargaining agreement.

Microbead ban just one small step in Calif. lawyer's fight for the environment

LOS ANGELES – In 2015, President Obama signed into law the bipartisan Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, banning certain types of small plastic pellets used in some exfoliating and cosmetic products beginning in 2017.

Former Ramos Furniture employees allege labor code violations

SAN FRANCISCO – Two Fresno County women have filed a suit against their former employer over allegations of violations of labor codes.

Los Angeles company files suit alleging violation of the Copyright Act

SAN FRANCISCO – An unknown Internet user is being sued by a media company over allegations of copyright infringement.

Adtango Inc. files breach of contract suit

SAN FRANCISCO – A La Quinta business is suing a San Francisco company and its affiliates over allegations of fraud.

Aviation West Charters files suit against insurance company, alleging ERISA violation

SACRAMENTO – An air ambulance company is suing an insurance provider over allegations of denial of benefits.

Patient sues health providers over alleged negligence

SAN FRANCISCO – A patient has filed a suit against a hospital over allegations that he was attacked by a fellow patient.

Consumer sues pharmaceutical companies over alleged negligence

SAN FRANCISCO – A Glenn County man is suing several pharmaceutical companies over allegations a drug caused him harm.

AIX Specialty Insurance seeks judgment from court

SAN FRANCISCO – A Connecticut insurance company is seeking a judgment from the court in regards to a lawsuit.

Bankruptcy judge decides bitcoin is more like property than currency

SAN FRANCISCO – The elusive definition of the bitcoin – an Internet payment system that operates in a decentralized way and aims for low transaction fees – has come into somewhat better focus as a bankruptcy case in Northern California moves toward trial.

Capital Advance Solutions accused of violating TCPA

SAN FRANCISCO – A Novato man is suing a New Jersey company over allegations it contacted him using a pre-recorded voice.

California corporation sues Internet user over alleged violation of Copyright Act

SAN FRANCISCO – An unknown Internet user is being sued by a Los Angeles media company over allegations of illegally distributing the company's works.

Fewer Californians attend UC Berkeley Law school as tuition costs rise

BERKELEY – California’s cuts in funding for higher education over the past decade have whittled down the number of California residents attending the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, but the law school is trying to offset some of the tuition burden through other financial aid programs and private donations.

Federal government seeks allegedly unpaid taxes from business owner

SACRAMENTO – A former Orangevale business owner is facing allegations from the government that he owes unpaid taxes.