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Uber accused of sending different routes and rates for same trip

A proposed class-action lawsuit was filed on April 3 against Uber, alleging that the ride-sharing company provided two different routes as part of its upfront pricing system.

Fight against tuition benefits for undocumented immigrants continues in California

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – A lawsuit concerning who can and cannot be offered in-state tuition benefits in the State of California has been brought against the University of California (UC) Board of Regents by Judicial Watch and Earl De Vries (a state resident).

Attorney: 'Papering' process can be open to abuse

SAN DIEGO – It might not be fair, it may even be an “abuse” of the law, but it’s certainly legal. This, in essence, was the decision handed down from the California 4th Circuit Court of Appeal on July 25 in a case involving the Orange County District Attorney's Office and a judge.

Consumer Watchdog alleges State Farm rate proposals are too high

SANTA MONICA – Are California consumers being overcharged for their homeowner’s insurance? According to the group Consumer Watchdog, the answer is yes.

Teacher discipline varies by school district, can be costly for some

SAN FRANCISCO – School districts across the state are increasingly facing an issue with how to handle those in the district who have issues following the rules. It’s not the students though, it’s the teachers and other administrative officials who are causing the concern.

Court clarifies California concealed carry license law

SAN FRANCISCO – Discretion will again be part of the process when applying for a concealed carry gun license in California over whether or not the license will be given.