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Attorneys for Johnny Mathis ask for Supreme Court review in window cleaning injury suit

SAN FRANCISCO – Attorneys for singer Johnny Mathis have asked the California Supreme Court to review a lower court's decision that there is enough evidence for a jury to consider a contractor's injury negligence claim against the legendary singer.

Experts testifying for plaintiffs in Monsanto action recalled by doubting judge

SAN FRANCISCO – Two expert witnesses who testified on behalf of plaintiffs suing Monsanto over claims a weed killer caused their cancer will be recalled to give further evidence.

Assessment of California regulations needed, says business development exec

SACRAMENTO - If there is one person who knows the business of doing business in California and its relationship with state neighbors and rivals, it is Barry Broome.

New York City mayor on podcast: 'Let's help bring the death knell' to the fossil fuel industry

Legal Newsline

NEW YORK (Legal Newsline) – New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is unashamedly up-front about what he wants to see happen to the fossil fuel industry.

Fight not over in protracted 18-year lead paint battle; Companies will seek USSC review

SACRAMENTO - While the California Supreme Court has refused to review an appeals court decision against three companies ordered to pay hundreds of millions for lead paint abatement, the long running fight over the deeply fractious issue is not over.

AG unveils wording of lead paint ballot initiative as manufacturers ask high court for review

SACRAMENTO - California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra has unveiled the wording of the title and summary of a ballot initiative that proposes to raise $2 billion in bonds for remediation work on homes and other buildings affected by lead paint.

Known serial disability discrimination litigant files again in California

A disabled woman suing a California hotel over claims of discrimination has filed dozens of lawsuits in the state and others in Arizona.

Lawyer: ExxonMobil made 'notable point' in petition regarding bond offerings in climate change suit

ExxonMobil, in a legal filing against named Californian municipal officials, made "a very notable point" when it flagged up the failure to mention climate change dangers in bond offerings by cities and counties, according to a leading environmental law export.

Outcome of Apple-Samsung trial could affect patent value, experts say

Experts believe the ultimate resolution of a long-running head-to-head between Samsung and Apple over the design of their phones could have deep implications for the value of patents.

Stanford professor says judicial misconduct no longer tolerated

An investigation into the activities of Alex Kozinski, a former judge on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, will not continue after he resigned from his position.

Defendants in long-running lead paint litigation to take case to Supreme Court

SAN FRANCISCO – Defendants in a long-running action taken by municipalities and counties in California over who should pay for lead removal in properties are planning to seek a California Supreme Court review.

Lawyer: Split decision in TCPA case involving Lakers leaves room for more litigation

SAN FRANCISCO — Violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) should automatically be considered invasions of privacy, leaving corporate defendants and not insurers to shoulder hefty defense costs, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has ruled.

Charter school resource center limits in line with democratic principles, supporters argue

Supporters of restrictions on charter school resource centers said they believe the limits are in line with democratic principles that elected representatives should retain control of operations in their districts.

Lawyer foresees potential spread of talc suits beyond baby powder after $400 million verdict

LOS ANGELES — Plaintiff lawyers will be on a never-ending search for defendants that use talc in their products, with the targeting of a cosmestics company likely only the beginning, according to a leading business defense attorney.

California charter school centers set to close, but many expected to receive one-year waivers

Charter school resource centers may begin shuttering this week following a court ruling limiting where they can operate, but many will remain open for at least another year after receiving waivers from the state Board of Education.

Wage rule avoids innumerable lawsuits, 'absurdities,' Starbucks argues in Supreme Court filing

SAN FRANCISCO — A rule that employees do not have to be paid for the brief amount of time between clocking out and closing a store applies in California, Starbucks argues in a filing with the state Supreme Court.

Pom faces problems in trademark suit against competitor

LOS ANGELES — Pom Wonderful, the makers of pomegranate products, may encounter serious difficulties proving trademark infringement by a smaller competitor, according to one attorney in the field.

Lawsuit lives on after rejected Similasan settlement

SAN DIEGO – Pretrial motions are continuing in a class-action lawsuit against Similasan, a company that sells homeopathic products, after a federal court rejected a settlement that would have netted lawyers more than a half-million dollars.

Raisin Cain: Class action claims candy came up short

Lovers of chocolate-covered raisins might one day get some cash back for satisfying their sweet tooth. Californian Sandy Hafer recently filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Nestlé alleging that approximately 40 percent of a box of Raisinets she bought was nothing but air.

Concerns raised over increasingly sophisticated marketing by tort trial lawyers

Trial lawyers hoping to bag as many clients as possible when launching mass tort campaigns can attend conferences where they learn about the latest marketing and data mining techniques to be used to rack up the biggest numbers possible.