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Veteran files medical malpractice suit, alleges surgery caused paralysis

SACRAMENTO – A veteran has filed suit alleging that a surgery performed at a government medical center made his health conditions worse.

Woman claims bank called several hundred times over alleged debt

SAN FRANCISCO – A Richmond woman is suing an Ohio-based bank over claims it repeatedly made more than 500 annoying calls to her cellphone.

Beebe Diversified Limited Partnership accused of not paying contributions

SAN FRANCISCO – Several labor union trust funds claim a Rancho Cordova employer has not paid contributions per a bargaining agreement.

Insurance firms seek reimbursement for settlement

FRESNO – An Ohio-based insurance firm has filed suit against a Nebraska-based insurance company seeking declaratory relief regarding a settlement.

Pleasant Hill business claims New Mexico company is operating under a similar name

SAN FRANCISCO – A California business alleges that a New Mexico corporation infringes its trademark.

Corporation seeks damages from insurance company

SAN FRANCISCO – A Singapore corporation has filed suit against a New Jersey insurance company alleging that it is owed for a breach of contract.

Intrexon Corp. accused of misleading shareholders

SAN FRANCISCO – A couple has filed a class-action lawsuit against a Maryland company and its officers alleging that they made false and misleading statements to shareholders.

PB&A Inc. alleged to have breached contract

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Rafael business is accused of not designing a bracing system and trestle in accordance with the terms of a professional service agreement.

Man alleges Prudential Insurance Co. wrongfully terminated benefits

SACRAMENTO – A man alleges his benefits were wrongfully terminated after receiving them for several years.

Man files suit seeking disability benefits

SAN FRANCISCO – A man alleges his benefits were wrongfully terminated without a reasonable basis.

Litigation funding is 'shadow' industry that needs oversight, expert says; Prometheus in SEC crosshairs

A San Francisco-based litigation funding company is a type of business that operates in the shadows, according to a legal expert, and now that the Securities Exchange Commission is going after Prometheus Law on charges of defrauding investors, other third-party litigation funders may find themselves subject to greater oversight.

Driller alleges he was misclassified and wasn't paid overtime

SACRAMENTO – An Indiana man alleges he was misclassified as an independent contractor and was not paid overtime.

Man claims Prudential, others wrongfully terminated benefits

SAN FRANCISCO – A disabled man alleges he was terminated from receiving disability benefits because his insurer claims he is able to work.

Cialis makers allege individuals sold counterfeit products

SACRAMENTO – A pharmaceutical company alleges that four California individuals have been selling counterfeit versions of a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Enhanced Recovery Co. accused of misrepresenting debt

SACRAMENTO – A Fresno consumer alleges that a debt collector used deceptive means when collecting a purported debt from him.

Unknown person alleged to have distributed 'Dallas Buyers Club'

SAN FRANCISCO – A media company in Texas alleges that an unknown internet user has illegally distributed copies of its movie.

Man alleges he was negligently prescribed Amitriptyline

SACRAMENTO – A man alleges he was prescribed a drug without given warning of its side effects and was seriously injured.

Sequoia Forestkeeper alleges projects need more analysis

FRESNO – A nonprofit corporation seeks declaration that proposed logging projects in the Sequoia National Forest violate federal law.

Software Research Inc. files suit alleging patent infringement

SAN FRANCISCO – A California corporation is suing a Minnesota company over claims it is selling products that infringe on patents owned by the plaintiff.

Insurance firm files interpleader complaint over life insurance policy

SAN FRANCISCO – An insurance firm is seeking the court's aid in regards to a dispute over the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.