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California company sues BitTorrent user over alleged copyright infringement

SACRAMENTO — Malibu Media, LLC, is suing an unknown BitTorrent user assigned IP address, alleging copyright infringement.

Disability access compliance reform bill on Gov. Brown's desk

SACRAMENTO - A bill that gives small businesses the opportunity to fix Americans with Disability Act (ADA) violations before getting sued has reached California Gov. Brown without a single lawmaker opposing it. 

Couple alleges Roundup exposure caused cancer

SAN FRANCISCO – A Sonoma County couple has filed suit against the makers of Roundup alleging that it distributed herbicides that are dangerous to human health.

San Jose man accused of fraud in cellphone tower lease

SAN FRANCISCO – A Virginia company has filed suit against a San Jose man alleging that he falsely misrepresented a cellphone tower lease.

Jan Kahn joins Fresno State University Advisory Board

FRESNO – The president of Fresno State University has appointed an alumnus and distinguished environmental attorney to the school’s advisory board.

Arizona man alleges drug caused melanoma

SAN FRANCISCO – An Arizona consumer alleges a pharmaceutical company did not warn consumers about the purported side effects of a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Woman files suit against Aetna over coverage of formula

SAN FRANCISCO – A mother alleges that she has incurred $15,000 in medical expenses related to her daughter's care after her insurance company denied coverage of a prescribed infant formula.

24 Hour Fitness faces class-action suit over lifetime membership fees

SAN FRANCISCO – An Orange County man has filed a class-action lawsuit against a gym over allegations it raised rates for certain members despite claims it would not do so.

LINA accused of wrongfully denying disability benefits

SACRAMENTO – A former secretary/clinic receptionist has filed a suit against her insurance company for long-term disability benefits.

Man claims Monterey Financial Services Inc. continued to call despite requests to stop

SACRAMENTO – A Folsom man alleges that an Oceanside business robocalled him at an annoying and harassing rate.

Man alleges he was wrongfully terminated him from Kraft disability plan

SAN FRANCISCO – A former driver for Kraft alleges that he was wrongfully terminated from receiving long-term disability benefits.

Man files suit against Pfizer over drug's purported side effects

SAN FRANCISCO – A Texas man claims that a pharmaceutical company did not warn consumers about the purported side effects of a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Volkswagen owner accused manufacturer of fraud

SAN FRANCISCO – A Fullerton resident alleges that a car manufacturer violated U.S. environmental law by putting a "defeat device" in its cars that would temporarily reduce emissions in order for the vehicles to pass inspection.

Woman files suit against Blue Shield of California Life and Health for treatment coverage

SAN FRANCISCO – A woman has filed suit against her insurance company alleging that it denied plaintiff's request for Harvoni treatment of hepatitis C.

Songwriter alleges YouTube user uploaded content without permission

SAN FRANCISCO – A songwriter has filed suit against an unknown YouTube user over allegations the user illegally distributed his works without permission.

Power Integrations files suit against former employee in patent dispute

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Jose company has filed suit against a former employee over allegations the employee is using the company's proprietary information to file patents.

CBIA still favors case against inclusionary housing

SAN JOSE – A recent petition for writ of certiorari was denied by the Supreme Court in a continuing battle against inclusionary zoning involving the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) and the city of San Jose.

California courts could see more wrongful foreclosure suits

SAN FRANCISCO – California courts will likely see an upswing in wrongful foreclosure cases following a recent state Supreme Court ruling that left many questions unanswered. 

Ultratech Inc. alleges Mass. company breached contract

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Jose corporation is suing a Massachusetts business over claims it violated a software agreement between the two companies.

Declaration sought in whiskey bottle patent dispute

SAN FRANCISCO – A Canadian whiskey maker with a distillery in California is seeking a declaration from the court that it did not infringe a patent regarding a specific whiskey bottle.