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Attack on paint industry spreads to Pennsylvania; Sherwin-Williams asks judge for help

By John O'Brien | Nov 1, 2018

PHILADELPHIA - Pennsylvania will be the next battleground in historically hard-fought litigation over lead paint, as private lawyers seeking one-third of possible multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements are teaming with county officials on lawsuits.

VenKee Communications alleges TRENDnet router infringes patent

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 26, 2018

LOS ANGELES – A Texas limited liability company is alleged to have infringed a patent owned by a Torrance corporation.

VenKee Communications alleges Belkin International product infringes patent

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 19, 2018

LOS ANGELES – A Texas company alleges a router sold by a Playa Vista company infringes a patent.

Supreme Court denies petition for rehearing in Starbucks wage-and-hour case

By John Breslin | Sep 1, 2018

The California Supreme Court modified slightly the wording of a July 26 opinion, but denied the rehearing petition in a case involving a Starbucks shift supervisor who claimed he was not paid for regular off-the-clock work.

Court certifies Walmart wage action, Supreme Court decision not in play, yet

By John Breslin | Aug 23, 2018

LOS ANGELES - Walmart current and former workers have won class certification in California over claims the giant retail company failed to pay wages when they were off the clock but on the premises.

Starbucks requests rehearing following Supreme Court 'off the clock' wage decision

By John Breslin | Aug 20, 2018

The state Supreme Court, in a July 26 opinion, said the federal "de minimis" is not applicable to California's wage and hours laws.

Oceanside man alleges debt collectors made false statements in suit

By Philip Gonzales | Jun 5, 2018

SAN DIEGO – An Oceanside consumer claims false representations made by a debt collector negatively impacted his legal rights and caused him confusion.

Nevro announces another lawsuit involving Boston Scientific

By Christopher Mobley | Feb 17, 2017

(Northern California Record) Nevro Corp., a global medical device company based in Redwood City, California, has announced it is facing a lawsuit from Boston Scientific.

Supreme Court case review could have major implications for businesses

By John Breslin | Dec 11, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO -- It is a lawsuit that has largely made its way through the court system under the radar, but it is one with potentially major implications for businesses, both large and small.

EMC and Pure Storage finally make peace with each other

By Michelle de Leon | Dec 1, 2016

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Pure Storage has reached a settlement agreement with EMC Corporation, putting an end to the legal drama that lasted for three years between the two tech companies.

Elon Musk prevails in SolarCity-Tesler merger despite controversies

By Michelle de Leon | Oct 14, 2016

PALO ALTO -- The journey toward the merger of SolarCity and Tesla has been a long and winding path, especially for the major proponent of this move, Elon Musk, who faced accusations of going under the table to trick shareholders of the real score.

Nurse alleges Metropolitan Life wrongfully terminated benefits

By Wadi Reformado | Apr 15, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO – A former surgical registered nurse alleges her disability benefits were wrongfully terminated.

Boulder Creek man with disability sues commissioner of Social Security

By Travis Zuellig | Jan 31, 2016

SAN JOSE — A Boulder Creek man with a disability is suing the commissioner of Social Security and demanding judicial review of the decision made by the commissioner.

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