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Man sues Monsanto alleging Roundup caused disease

SAN FRANCISCO – A Sonoma County resident is suing an agrochemical and agricultural biotech corporation alleging that it knowingly neglected its duties to its consumers by providing products that may cause harm to the users.

Man alleges Seagate Technology misrepresents reliability of hard drives

SAN FRANCISCO – A South Dakota man alleges that a hard drive manufacturer misrepresents its product as high-performance and reliable despite multiple failed hard drives reported by consumers.

Belkin sues Taiwanese company over alleged patent infringement

SAN FRANCISCO – A Playa Vista technology company is suing a Taiwanese company over claims of patent infringement.

Volkswagen customers sues car manufacturer over alleged fraud

SAN FRANCISCO –  Volkswagen is facing another class-action lawsuit over the alleged use of defeat devices in its cars to temporarily reduce emissions in order to pass inspection.

Bravado sues over allegations of trademark infringement

SAN FRANCISCO – A Los Angeles business is suing unknown defendants alleging that they knowingly distributed merchandise bearing registered trademarks.

Tatcha claims it did not infringe on patent

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco-based luxury skincare company is suing a Florida shipping company and is seeking declaratory judgment of non-infringement of a U.S. patent.

Microsoft, Homeland Security Secretary sued over summons

SAN FRANCISCO – An unnamed plaintiff alleges a well-known software corporation and the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security issued an unlawful summons.

Secretary of Labor sues California companies over alleged violations of FLSA

SAN FRANCISCO – The Secretary of Labor alleges several California companies and their owners violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Riversource Life Insurance, Ameriprise Financial Services sued over alleged denial of benefits

SAN FRANCISCO – An individual from San Mateo County alleges an insurance company failed to pay on a life insurance policy after the plaintiff's spouse died.

Napa County man alleges CIGNA denied benefits

SAN FRANCISCO – An individual is suing his late wife's insurance company alleging that it denied the insurance benefits he says he is owed.

Pa. man alleges DISH infringed on his patent

SAN FRANCISCO – A Pennsylvania man is suing a satellite television provider over claims of patent infringement.

Alber Seafoods Inc. sued over breach of contract allegations

SAN FRANCISCO – Trustees of a trust fund are suing a California corporation over allegations of unpaid contributions.

Stripe sued over alleged violation of TCPA

SAN FRANCISCO – A man has filed a class-action lawsuit a mobile service company, citing alleged invasion of privacy.

Pebble Technology seeks declaration over patent dispute

SAN FRANCISCO – A California company is seeking a declaration from the court over a patent dispute.

Midbrook Inc. sued over alleged breach of contract

SAN JOSE – A Sunnyvale business is suing a Michigan corporation after it allegedly defaulted on a loan.

Urban Remedy sued over allegedly unpaid services

SAN FRANCISCO – A Richmond company is accused of not paying for work provided by a Pennsylvania company.

California corporation sues e-liquid manufacturer over alleged trademark infringement

SAN FRANCISCO – A California corporation is sues e-liquid manufacturer over claims of unfair competition.

Class-action suit filed against GoPro

SAN FRANCISCO – A consumer electronics company is facing a class-action lawsuit over claims it violated federal securities laws.

Inn San Francisco sues another inn over alleged trademark infringement

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco business is suing an inn, alleging that it unlawfully used a name that sounds and has the same meaning as the plaintiff's.

Agate Logic accused of using software without purchasing license

SAN JOSE – A software company alleges that a Santa Clara company unlawfully used or accessed its software without obtaining a valid license key.