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NFL cheerleading lawsuit based on disparate impact claim, labor attorney says

Though NFL rules may be strange, they could stick in a court of law, according to attorney Barbara Hoey.

Review petition granted for AT&T in New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC case

SAN FRANCISCO – The 1st District Court of Appeal in California has granted AT&T's petition for a writ of review and remanded the matter for further proceedings in a matter regarding compensation awards.

Proposition 65 benefits private activists, lawyers, Cato Institute fellow says

Following a court ruling based on a voter proposition requiring cancer warnings on coffee, a senior fellow for Constitutional Studies at Cato Institute’s Robert A. Levy Center has said California voter initiatives should come with better warnings.

Winning attorney discusses debt collection settlement in Sayad case

SAN FRANCISCO – Attorney and former debt collection executive Michael Cardoza of Cardoza Law Corp. in San Francisco said illegal debt collection is par for the course.

Cyberharassment victim highlights fee Verizon charges to block stalker

After suffering cyberharassment, one California woman has to pay to keep her stalker from contacting her.

Attorney suing NFL doesn't want to hang around sports bars looking for cheerleaders

Legal Newsline

SAN FRANCISCO (Legal Newsline) – The NFL says a former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader's multimillion-dollar antitrust lawsuit should stay dismissed, while the attorney for the woman says he should be allowed to review each team's payroll instead of trolling bars outside arenas for potential witnesses.

Federal judge: 190-page response to Greenpeace's motion to dismiss lawsuit is too long

SAN FRANCISCO — A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered an almost 200-page response to a motion to dismiss a lawsuit against Greenpeace International to be condensed before he will consider the cause.

California debt-collection law firm settles suit filed by Bay Area resident

A California debt-collection law firm has offered to settle with a Bay Area consumer for an undisclosed amount.

Northern District of California judge dismisses software patent-infringement complaint

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has ruled on a patent-infringement case that plaintiffs allege goes back almost a decade.

Judge dismisses complaint alleging harassment by rogue CIA agents

For the third time, the United States and the CIA have been released from a complaint that claims rogue agents are harassing an Egyptian-born civil engineer.

Class action appeal approved against Bank of America

SAN FRANCISCO -- A U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeal justice has upturned a class action certification appeal brought by a major bank.

Dell, Samsung concede wrongful death

A wrongful death settlement has been reached regarding a fatality caused by a computer charger.

9th Circuit rules Wyland painting doesn't infringe on other artist's copyright

A federal appeals panel has ruled there was no copyright infringement in a case involving two works of art created 32 years apart.

9th Circuit remands case involving federal and state employment law

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has vacated a district court ruling based on demographic provisions and remanded it to the lower court.

Class certification complaint remains undecided in Hyundai/Kia fuel economy suit

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal has ruled a trial court abused discretion in a class action certification for a foreign car manufacturer.

Court rules California attorney general did not deceive voters

SACRAMENTO -- The Third District Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who was alleged to have attempted to sabotage a gas tax repeal initiative.

California companies' duty to defend important to note, attorney says

Attorney Alexander J. Berline said California's duty to defend law for employees is an important fact all businesses should consider. data breach complaint reconsidered

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court has heard arguments over shoe retailer 2012 data breach complaint to consider if the consumer case against the Amazon company should be revived.

California high court affirms stay in Right to Repair Act case involving claims of home defects

The California Supreme Court has granted a stay in a case involving the Right to Repair Act, which was created almost 20 years ago.

4th District Court of Appeals hears religious discrimination case

California's 4th District Court of Appeals affirmed, reversed and remanded a religious discrimination appeal.