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Individuals allege Friendship House Association of American Indians did not provide meal, rest breaks

SAN FRANCISCO – A 24-hour, nonmedical substance abuse treatment facility for Native Americans is alleged to owe unpaid wages to three individuals.

Open house attendee falls down stairs, alleges Coldwell Banker, others failed to warn of condition

SAN FRANCISCO – A man alleges he was injured at an open house when he fell down stairs that allegedly violated safety and building codes.

Former Hayes Valley Inn Associates employee alleges he is owed unpaid overtime wages

SAN FRANCISCO – A former manager of a San Francisco property alleges he was misclassified as being exempt from overtime pay.

Busser files wrongful termination suit against operators of Scala's Bistro

SAN FRANCISCO – A man alleges he was terminated from his job at a San Francisco restaurant because of his disability.

Patron alleges Jack's Market in Los Angeles does not have accessible parking for persons with disabilities

LOS ANGELES – A wheelchair user alleges she encountered barriers at a Los Angeles business that limited her access.

Long Beach identity theft victim alleges credit bureaus are reporting inaccurate information

LOS ANGELES – A Long Beach resident claims that fraudulent charges are being reported on her national credit profiles.

Man alleges The Best Family Discount Store has barriers to wheelchair users

LOS ANGELES – A paraplegic alleges a Montebello store has architectural barriers that denied him full and equal access to the store.

Paige LLC alleges Ramy Brook is using mark without permission

LOS ANGELES – A Culver City company alleges its trademark is unlawfully being used by a New York company.

Man alleges Gardena business has barriers that restrict access for disabled customers

LOS ANGELES – A wheelchair user alleges a Gardena restaurant did not maintain a parking space for patrons with disabilities.

Wheelchair user alleges Quality Inn Suites has barriers that denied access

LOS ANGELES – A wheelchair user alleges an Inglewood business has barriers that restricted his access to the premises.

Parent seeks coverage for son's treatment under Entertainment Industry Flex Plan

LOS ANGELES – A parent has filed suit against his insurance providers over allegations coverage of treatment for his minor son was wrongfully denied.

Luxottica Group alleges individual is selling counterfeit Ray-Ban products

LOS ANGELES – The manufacturer of Ray-Ban products alleges counterfeit products are being sold online.

Consumer files suit against Mercedes-Benz over airbag recall

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles County man alleges that an automaker has only completed 2 percent of recalls to correct a "deadly" airbag issue.

Jollychic alleged to have used copyrighted textile design without authorization

LOS ANGELES – A Newark company is alleged to have unlawfully used a copyrighted textile design in fabric or garments.

Transworld Systems alleged to have ignored request to cease communication from consumer

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles man alleges a debt collector is attempting to collect on a disputed debt.

Man alleges Financial Credit Network continued to call after request to stop

SACRAMENTO – An Exeter resident alleges a debt collector continued to call him after he sent a letter asking it to stop.

Pack-Line West Inc. alleges companies failed to pay for equipment sent to Virginia

LOS ANGELES – A La Verne company alleges it wasn't paid for equipment provided for consumer produce products.

Leadpages alleged to have harassed man with unwanted text messages

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego man alleges that a marketing company sent him text messages without his consent.

Neocell Corp., others alleged to have falsely advertised ingredient in joint supplement

SAN DIEGO – A Pauma Valley company alleges that several corporations are falsely advertising ingredients in their supplements.

Man files suit against U.S. attorney general over allegations of discrimination by U.S. Marshals Service

LOS ANGELES – A former U.S. Marshals Service employee alleges he was forced into early retirement because of discriminatory treatment.