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Suit filed against Bayview Loan Servicing LLC over loan modification application process

LOS ANGELES – A consumer alleges he attempted to apply for loan modification but was subjected to "years of unconscionable treatment" by a loan servicer.

Ascentium Capital LLC alleges it is owed more than $190,000 for loan

LOS ANGELES – A San Luis Obispo individual is alleged to have failed to pay a loan in full.

Consumer alleges Lakers Liquor failed to maintain parking space for disabled

LOS ANGELES – A disabled individual alleges a Los Angeles business did not have accessible parking.

Black man alleges Bakersfield police officers arrested him without probable cause

SACRAMENTO – A Bakersfield man alleges he was unlawfully arrested by members of the city's police department during a traffic stop.

Consumer alleges Advanced Asset Group threatened him with legal action in collection call

FRESNO – A Clovis consumer alleges a debt collector threatened to take legal action that could not be legally be taken in a collection call.

Owners of E&M Auto Parts accused of violating Americans with Disabilities Act

SAN DIEGO — A man who is confined to a wheelchair is suing the owners of an El Cajon auto parts store, alleging failure to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

ScholarMD says Spanish company stole its copyrighted material

SAN DIEGO — A California corporation is suing a Spanish corporation alleging copyright infringement.

Ace Furniture accused of violating Americans with Disabilities Act

SAN DIEGO — An individual is suing the owner of Ace Furniture, alleging failure to uphold the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and negligence.

Turtle Creek Asset accused of misrepresentation in debt collection

SAN DIEGO — A consumer is suing Turtle Creek Asset, a debt collector , citing alleged misrepresentation in a debt collection.

Photographer accuses eBay of copyright infringement

SAN DIEGO — A photographer suing eBay, alleging copyright infringement.

Adult content company accuses competitor of copyright infringement

SAN DIEGO — An adult content subscription website is suing an unidentified subscriber, alleging copyright infringement.

Former employee accuses Fresno County company of violating workers compensation law

FRESNO — A former employee is suing a Fresno County company, alleging discrimination, retaliation, violation of human rights, violation of state law, violation of workers compensation acts and wrongful termination.

A consumer sues debt collector

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego County consumer is suing a debt collectors, alleging misrepresentation and negligence.

Policy holder alleges insurance company failed to pay benefits

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego County policy holder is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Pharmacy tech alleges Lodi Memorial Hospital Association Inc. owes unpaid overtime wages

SACRAMENTO – A former employee of a San Joaquin County medical association alleges that she is owed unpaid overtime wages.

Former employee files class action against Energy Protection Systems Group Inc. alleging labor code violations

FRESNO – A former employee for a general electrical and energy contractor alleges he was not paid overtime.

Driver files suit against Roadrunner Transportation, others over labor code allegations

SACRAMENTO – A truck driver alleges he is owed unpaid restitution from his employers.

West Sacramento man alleges Northwestern Mutual wrongly withheld benefits

LOS ANGELES — A former car dealership employee is suing The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company alleging it wrongly withheld disability benefits.

A pizzeria franchiser alleges trademark use by Buena Park restaurant owner

LOS ANGELES — A restaurant franchising company is suing David Norfolk, Buena Park restaurant owner, citing alleged unfair competition.

Employee alleges company failed to pay all wages

SACRAMENTO — A San Joaquin County man is suing his employer, alleging unpaid wages, violation of applicable minimum wage law and violation of workers compensation acts.