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Man alleges he was not properly paid while working at Hamcor Inc. dealership

SAN FRANCISCO – A man alleges he was not properly compensated while working at a service center for a Dublin car dealership and has filed a class action.

T.I. Development Group accused by labor unions of breaching bargaining agreement

SAN FRANCISCO – A Mountain View business allegedly denied labor union funds access to audit its books and records.

Saul Chevrolet, Cardinale Automotive Group, others accused of not properly compensating employees

SAN FRANCISCO – A former parts and service counter salesman alleges several car dealerships and service centers violated wage and labor laws and has filed a class-action suit.

Man alleges Edutrek unlawfully called him to solicit its educational services

LOS ANGELES – A Reseda individual has filed a class-action lawsuit alleging a college matching search company called him in an attempt to solicit its educational services.

Installer alleges AT&T, DirecTV violated wage and hour laws

SAN FRANCISCO – An installer for an El Segundo company alleges that his employer failed to provide fair compensation to him for his work.

Cyberset Corp. accused of using copyrighted photos on Rent-A-Car website

LOS ANGELES – A business specializing in automotive vehicle imagery alleges that a Woodland Hills corporation used several of its copyrighted photographs without consent.

Former employee claims Fidelity National Information Services Inc. owes unpaid wages

LOS ANGELES – A former hardware planner alleges he was misclassified as being exempt and denied overtime and meal and rest periods by his Los Angeles County employer.

Star Fabrics claims garment vendors copied fabric design

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles corporation alleges other companies have manufactured and sold garments that use a similar design to plaintiff's fabrics.

Qiagen North American Holdings Inc. alleged to have sent junk faxes to Arkansas nonprofit

LOS ANGELES – An Arkansas nonprofit has filed a class-action lawsuit against a Maryland business over allegations it sent junk faxes.

Orange County woman alleged to owe more than $1,000 for student loans

LOS ANGELES – An Orange County woman is alleged to have defaulted on her student loans.

Vengroff Williams Inc. alleged to have falsely represented debt

LOS ANGELES – A San Luis Obispo County consumer alleges that a debt collector could not verify a debt as requested but did not cease its collection efforts.

Star Fabrics alleges textile designs were used without authorization

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles business alleges that garment makers and retailers manufactured and sold clothes that have a similar design to plaintiff's copyrighted fabrics.

Man alleges Vizio falsely advertises energy savings of televisions

LOS ANGELES – An Illinois consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit alleging that a television manufacturer falsely advertised the power saving mode feature of its televisions.

Myofunctional Research Co. USA Inc. accused of sending unsolicited junk faxes

SANTA ANA – A San Bernardino County business alleges that a Rancho Cucamonga company sent junk faxes.

Orange County resident accused of failure to pay student loans

LOS ANGELES – An Orange County woman is alleged to owe on two student loans.

MyGo LLC alleges individual sells infringing camera mount

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego business alleges an individual copied its patented camera mount.

The Screen Lady claims alleges similar company is using mark for domain names

SAN DIEGO – A window and door screen company alleges a competitor is using infringing domain names to divert business.

BitTorrent user alleged to have unlawfully distributed 'Cell' movie online

SAN DIEGO – A film production company with offices in Los Angeles alleges that a BitTorrent user unlawfully distributed its film on the peer-to-peer site.

Performant Recovery Inc. accused of invasion of privacy with calls

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego woman has filed a class-action suit against a Livermore corporation that she has no business relationship with over claims it continues to call her to collect an alleged debt.

Show Palace Inc. accused of unauthorized performances of music

SAN DIEGO – An Oceanside business is accused of unauthorized public performances of four copyrighted musical compositions.