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Fabric Selection Inc. seeks destruction of garments it alleges uses infringing fabric design

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles County corporation alleges that one of its textile designs was unlawfully reproduced

Georeplica Corp. alleged to have unlawfully copied digital map

SANTA ANA – An Irvine company alleges that a Florida corporation unlawfully copied one of its products.

Couple accuses doctor, Family Healthcare Network of medical malpractice

SACRAMENTO – A Tulare County couple alleges the wife was misdiagnosed and was injured during a surgery.

Burmax LLC, Next Phase Marketing alleged to have placed unlawful marketing calls

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego citizen alleges a company unlawfully contacted her to solicit a solar system.

Bigfoot sculpture artist claims Outdoor Technology infringed work for logo

SAN DIEGO – A Minneapolis artist claims a Laguna Hills corporation unlawfully used a silhouette of his sculpture of Bigfoot as a logo for apparel.

Renewable Energy Center faces class action over allegations of unwanted calls

SAN DIEGO – A San Diego County consumer alleges a Van Nuys company unlawfully called her to solicit its services.

Portfolio Recovery Associates seeks more than $1,000 from individual

SAN FRANCISCO – A debt collector alleges that a San Francisco man has failed to pay off a Lowe's credit card.

Individual alleged to owe nearly $3,000 on Home Depot credit card

SAN FRANCISCO – A debt buyer claims a San Francisco individual has failed to pay off a store credit card.

UGG makers claim Collections Etc. copied boot design without authorization

LOS ANGELES – The designer and marketer of UGG shoes alleges an Illinois corporation has unlawfully copied one of its boot designs.

Portfolio Recovery Associates alleges more than $1,300 is owed on credit card

SAN FRANCISCO – A debt buyer alleges an Emeryville man failed to pay off a credit card balance.

Couple alleges accuses landlord of negligence over termination notice

SAN FRANCISCO – A couple alleges they were wrongfully vacated from their San Francisco apartment by their landlord.

Cavalry SPV I alleges Home Design credit account was not paid in full

SAN FRANCISCO – A Mountain View man is alleged to have failed to pay a credit card account.

Appeals court denies American Medical Response West's motion to strike appeal by its employees

The California First District Court of Appeal recently decided to deny a motion brought by American Medical Response West (AMR), an ambulance service provider, that sought to dismiss an appeal by its employees, who allege that they were not given time to eat or rest.

Wrongful termination lawsuit against Barnes & Noble moves forward

A California appeals court has revered a summary judgement in a lawsuit that brands Barnes & Noble for wrongfully terminating an employee who had worked for the company for 23 years.

Plaintiff ordered to pay $1.79 million in attorney fees over stock purchase dispute

A plaintiff must pay almost $2 million dollars in attorney fees to the defendant over the absence of fee entitlement in a stock purchase agreement.

Appeals court awards child support, attorney's fees and visitation expenses in divorce case

The California First District Court of Appeal recently decided to uphold the City and County of San Francisco Superior Court decision to award Aaron Darsky attorney fees and impose child support and child visitation costs on Ann Drobner Darsky stemming from the couple's 2010 divorce.

Appeals court rules against plaintiff in breach of contract case

The California First District Court of Appeal recently decided to uphold the Alameda County Superior Court's decision in a case of alleged breach of contract, malicious prosecution and abuse of process against the plaintiff in Carol Veres Reed vs. Fessha Taye et al.

Uber accused of sending different routes and rates for same trip

A proposed class-action lawsuit was filed on April 3 against Uber, alleging that the ride-sharing company provided two different routes as part of its upfront pricing system.

Portfolio Recovery Associates alleges man defaulted on credit card

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco County individual is alleged to owe more than $2,500 on a credit card.

Shoreside Capital alleges individual failed to pay loan

SAN FRANCISCO – A San Francisco County man is accused of failing to pay off a loan.